Frugal Fail

I planned to make myself a gallon of iced tea.

When I poured the boiling water into my recycled pickle jar, it shattered. IMG_4653I’ve been making tea this way for years, and its not a cold day so I’m baffled as to why this happened.

There’s no sense crying over spilled tea.

I quickly picked up the saturated tea bags and put them in two pitchers, continuing my tea making process.

I guess it wasn’t such a frugal fail after all.

It was incentive to mop the kitchen floor too.IMG_4655


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2 Responses to Frugal Fail

  1. adelineh5888 says:

    Sounds like me. I have moved into my very own apartment. I love it. I had a tea event this morning. Tried to put it in a “foolproof” container. Hah. So I bought a new lunch bag that comes with a drink container and……… doesn’t leak🙌

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