Take Me Out to the Ball Game

For cheap

An outing to a major league Baseball game can be very expensive.

Here’s how I did it for $5.75

First of all everyone I know, knows I am Mariner’s fan.

A friend, John’s company sponcered day at the ballpark. But John had to attend to a family matter out of town. I got a phone call asking if I could  use the otherwise wasted ticket. Yes, please! Thank you very much!ticket

Of course I dressed for the occasion.  I bought my Baseball garb not at the team store but from the thrift store.


2001 All Star game was held at Safeco Field I got to go to the Home Run Derby. I bought the shirt a couple of years later.



I rode the bus (last I checked parking at the stadium was $10)bus faire both ways came to $5.75. ($2.50 in and $3.25 home)bus

I should have taken an earlier bus I didn’t take into account that I would have to face a crowd getting into the stadium.crowd

Both inside and out of Safeco Field venders want you to buy  outrageously priced food.hot dog stand I brought snacks from home.


By the time I got to my seat, it was the top of the 2nd inning and we had already given up 4 runs. Very surprising since out Ace was pitching.

The first half of the game wasn’t very exciting,

The lull in the action was punctuated by a fan leaping over the fence and being tackled by security guards. The announcer then came on “Just a reminder; Fans entering the field of play will be arrested, fined $500 and spend the night in jail”.

The action picked up as we pulled to within one run of the Sox in the 7th inning and tied them in the 8th. I thought we would take the lead when we had the bases loaded and only one out but an inning ending double play dashed my hopes.

Three more anticipation filled innings later a walkoff homer gave us a win.

In the end I still watched 9 innings of baseball even though I missed the first two.

Leave a comment sharing your favorite cheap outing.

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2 Responses to Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  1. Sounds like fun. My favourite cheap outing is hiking on the trails along the ocean around our home. It’s so beautiful – bring a lunch and some water!

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