Hi-lo skirt refashion


The temperature has hit 80 and I need something cool to wear. So to my refashion pile I went. I took a “BEFORE” picture but it has gotten lost.

I used a dress from the 50 cent bins at St. Vincent de Paul and a 50 cent pattern from Deseret Industries and made myself a summer skirt.

1.11-7-15  DI $8.21

Pattern 50 Cents from D.I.


2. seperate skirt

I cut the dress  at the waist

4.unstitch slit

then unstitched the slits on the side

3.casing at waist

I made a casing for an elastic waist band

5. use pattern for curve

I laid the pattern on the skirt and cut the curved hem line.


6. restitch side seam

stitched up the side seams

7. hem

made a narrow hem

8. finished

and paired it with a garage sale shirt

If your interested in seeing what another blogger did with the same dress check out Laura’s blog Accidental Seamstress, 5- minute Easter Dress.

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3 Responses to Hi-lo skirt refashion

  1. Shelley says:

    I love that pattern. The combo looks pretty on “you”! Nice save!

  2. Barbara says:

    The skirt looks great. I was wondering if you had any trouble estimating whether the dress would yield sufficient fabric. The concept of repurposing textiles is such a terrific one. Thanks for sharing.

    • The original outfit was a sleeveless dress with a matching jacket. I could tell just by holding the dress up to me that I would be able to change it into a skirt.
      I admit it is scary to make a purchase with no guarantee I will be able to successfully refashion it. I tend to only pay a dollar or two for the garments and I look for Large or even Extra Large garments to work with.

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