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Deseret Industries $7.67

I’ve been wanting to put up  a bird house on my property. I came across this craft box at Deseret Industries $2.00. Its the kind of box you might find at a craft store intended to be painted or embellished in some other fashion.


I saw a birdhouse


I drilled a 1-1/8th inch hole in the door and added an 80 cent lock from Goodwill


Next spring the chickadees will let me know if they approve of my handiwork.

(if the chickadees do use the nest box I will be able to easily clean it each year because I made the house with a locking door)





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2 Responses to Home Tweet Home

  1. Carol Pavlik says:

    Very clever, I watch with interest when we put up a new birdhouse. Some get occupied right away, some take time.

  2. I’m hoping that it will be used in cold weather as a roost and again in the spring for nesting.

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