BB8 not BBQ


As I mentioned I had to delete some old posts because my Free WordPress space was FULL.

Picture are the culprit my posts feature lots of photos and Sunday posts with cake picture are the majority of my problem. I frequently search the web for cake design ideas. I suspect that other decorators do the same thing, so I don’t want to delete those posts. heading forward I just won’t post cake pictures so often.

But it is Sunday and that is Cake Show & Tell day so here we go:

I had an order that asked for a BBQ deco Pac. Deco Pac is a company who makes plastic toys to embellish cake with. The barbeque toy is only about 3″ in size and it was going on an half sheet cake. To fill all that space I came up with this designimg_5883bbq

I was pretty pleased with the food items that I modeled out of fondant


corn on the cob




and burger patties

When the customer came for the cake tha sales girl brought it to me and pointed out that the order asked for BB8 not BBQ!, OOPS!

if you are not up on popular culture any more than I am you need to know that BB8 is a character in Star Wars. kaitlin

I don’t have a picture of the Star Wars cake after I quickly removed the BBQ design and transformed the surface of the cake to look like deep space I didn’t have time to photograph it. The customer who was none the wiser was waiting. They were told the cake isn’t quite finished yet.

This picture was done by one of the other decorators but gives you an idea of what the cake should have looked like but with BB8 not Darth Vaderimg_5613darth-v

I learned to read my orders more carefully.


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2 Responses to BB8 not BBQ

  1. Kimberly G-A says:

    Oh my gosh I grinned out loud! So sorry that your wonderful BBQ work was not appreciated by the customer – it looked SO CUTE ! You do an amazing job decorating – and I LOVE the dress you made from the sheet! I read your posts every so often and really enjoy them. Have a lovely, blessed evening! — Kimberly

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