Frugal DIY

When my father passed in 1995, my family decided to keep his 1990 pick-up truck in the family. This gives my siblings and I access to a truck for those times when a truck is needed.

I used the truck recently to do some hauling. When I got in I noticed that the rear view mirror was missing.tape-residue

Where it should have been was some tape residue where some other family member had attempted a frugal fix.

I made a stop at the local auto parts store and for a few dollars picked up a repair kit.schucks

After removing the stickum, I followed the easy directions and reattached the mirror.follow-direstionsimg_9599

In no time at all I was able to hit the road and get my hauling done.



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1 Response to Frugal DIY

  1. lilimounce says:

    We had to do that with one of our older cars, many years ago. And the fix held for the rest of the time we owned that car.
    Good job! I’m sure it will hold for your truck, too!

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