About Those Resolutions


Blogging will play a big part in my New Year’s resolutions.

Reporting my progress to my readers will “keep my nose to the grindstone”

So this week I will be elaborating on my resolutions.

#1 Eat yourself out of house and home.

Part of why I began blogging was to document my progress as I attempted to use up the myriad of foodstuffs I had accumulated. these pictures show how my pantry and freezer are once again bulging with food. In 2012 it took me 11 months to eat down the surplus. I’m interested to see how this challenge will compare.

#2 Budget with Everydollar

My naturally frugal ways mean that I have always lived below my means. However I’ve accomplished that by always spending as little as possible. I’ve never really known where my money has gone. I’ve made attempts to write a  budget before, but never followed through with the good intentions. Maybe with Dave Ramsey’s  help this year will be differant.

#3 Open and Etsy Store

I have collected a lot of patterns for doll clothes. I plan to bring in a little cash by selling them on Etsy.11-2-16-vv-2-25

Any of you who have experince with Etsy? I’m all ears if you want to share helpful hints.

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about more of my resolutions.


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