Book Report

In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution to read at least 12 books in 2017, I just finished Bird Droppings by Pete Dunne.bird-droppings

OK, I admit its a small book. Just 110 pages, but its a start. Right?

Bird Droppings is a collection of essays by leading birder Pete Dunne. It’s appeal is probably limited to other bird watchers. That means I found it a fun read.

My favorite chapter is “Lawn Flamingo”. The essay is written as if you could find Lawn Flamingos listed in a bird Field Guide.flamingo-essayBehavior: Distinctly sedentary, apparently capable of maintaining the same rigid posture indefinitely…

I have a pile of library books to choose my next read from. I haven’t decided which to start with.pile-of-books

One book, 13 day, I’m on course to get my goal of 12 in 2017 easily.

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