New Recipe #3 &4

Both of these bread recipes are from a book I picked up years ago at a thrift store. img_7552How Cooking Works is a wealth of helpful information (but I’m not going to try anymore recipes from it).

Recipe #3 Toasted Oat Breadimg_7542raisin-bread

The book claims this bread is “delicious plain or toasted with butter and jam”

I’d say it is tasty toasted with butter. I think jam would compete with the nut & raisin flavors. However the bread was VERY heavy. I doubt I’ll try it again.

Recipe #4 Applesauce Raisin Breadimg_7546applesauce-bread

I can’t rule out baker error but I think this recipe is printed wrong. I had to add extra applesauce to the  batter. Before I added the extra applesauce  the mixture was stiff like cookie dough, not the right consistency for a quick bread.  Even with almost double the applesauce the bread still has a dry crumbly texture. I did accomplish two goals;  I used Applesauce from the freezer as well as trying a new recipe.

Do you have a good Applesauce Bread recipe? I have plenty of applesauce to use up still.

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