Book Report #2

I browse the book shelves while I’m thrifting. I seldom purchase books. I know from past experiences that book collecting can get out of hand. I do see things that I’d like to read, then I check the book out of the library. That was the case withimg_7581

This book was written for parents or teachers of small children.

The author encourages readers to give little children plenty of exposure to the natural world around us. Going through the seasons she points out what to look for and answers questions a child might pose.

I’m not a parent or teacher but I still gleaned several tidbits of information from it that I can use when I lead my Nature Walks.

Once again it is a small book, only 150 pages but I did read 2 books in January putting me ahead of schedule in goal of 12 books in 2017.

Which do you do most? Use the library?, or do buy books to keep in your personal collection?

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2 Responses to Book Report #2

  1. Carol says:

    I have a kindle which I load with free library books. I used to be a book addict but for me books are hard to give away, even to the library sale. And the best part of kindle books is they take them back automatically, no fines.

  2. I’m being slow to enter the world of ebooks. I think my laptop is capable of being a reader, but though I don’t read a lot I still like holding a book.

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