Thrifted Cleaning Supplies

I recently bought toilet bowl cleaner at the thrift store. It may be a lifetime supply for me but at $5.99 for three bottles it was just 50 cents more than I usually pay for one bottle.

As I put my new purchase away in the supply closet, I spied several other cleaning products that I’ve purchased second-hand.

In an attempt to make my home energy efficient I purchased VERY expensive triple pane windows. They are guaranteed for life but the warrantee is void if any product containing ammonia is used on them. Prior to these windows my window cleaner of choice was Ammonia water. The cleaner the manufacturer recommended only comes in an aerosol can. Expensive and not eco-friendly!

When I saw this bottle of PRO FORMULA window cleaner, I was delighted.

window-cleanerEspecially after  I checked the list of ingredients, no ammonia! no-amoniaIts a concentrate so this bottle will give me 25 gallons of cleaner for $1.99.  Can’t beat that!

You can tell by the mauve cap that this can of Woolite Upholstery cleaner has been around since the 80s. wooliteEven so, the $2.99 I paid was well spent, as I’ve used it on my car and home upholstery.

8 oz. of Formsby’s Furniture cleaner retails for $5.49. I got mine at Goodwill for $1.99furniture-cleaner

As a matter of fact this whole collection of cleaning supplies have Goodwill stickers on them. I wonder if that’s just a coincidence or if other thrifts don’t carry cleaning supplies.

I imagine I have thrifted other cleaning products too. These are just what’s in my supply closet at the moment.

The large supply of cleaning clothes you see in the background of my photos were once towels that I thrifted too.

Have you ever picked up bargain cleaning supplies from a thrift store?

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