Holey Socks

One of my resolutions for 2017 is to complete the many unfinished projects in my sewing room.

For some time whenever I came across a sock with a hole in it I tossed in in a to-be-mended box. box of socksFrom the size of my collection, this has been going on for YEARS. There are probably as many socks in the box as in my drawer.


  1. A darning egg. I inherited one from my Aunt. A lightbulb works just as well.bulb & egg
  2. Sports weight year. I have darning yarn I picked up while thrifting, but since darning is a lost art I suspect it would be hard to find retail.darning yarn & scissors
  3. A darning needle
  4. Scissors
  5. A subscription to Netflix (or similar source of entertainment)

I recommend that you reinforce you socks when they become threadbare. blu7858It’s a lot easier than reweaving when actual holes have developed.IMG_7856

Slip the darning egg into the sock and use a large needle to weave in yarn. You don’t want to tie a knot in the yarn or it will be uncomfortable to wear. Just weave the tail of the yarn into your patch.over weaving

I’m happy to say that after three months of darning while I watched all four seasons of the Dick Van Dyke Show my to-be-mended box is empty. It was interesting to see that in several episodes Laura is shown darning while she and Rob talk.

What do you do when your socks wear out? repair or replace?



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2 Responses to Holey Socks

  1. Barbara says:

    I sure admire your skill, thrifty spirit and industry but it takes time to do this kind of work. Around my house there is a lot to be mended so socks are not a priority for me. But good for you for conserving!

  2. Thanks for commenting Barbara,
    I know my sometimes ultra frugal ways are not for everyone, but I want to put them out there so people who want/need the inspiration can find it. I admit it took a L-O-N-G time to darn the box of socks, but I did it while I was watching Netflix. Time that would have otherwise been wasted.

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