Thrift Haul

Helping Hands isn’t far from my home but its not along my regularly traveled route so I seldom shop there. Recently I had to pass it so I stopped in for a look around. I’m glad I did.Helping Hands I like the store for several reasons, it is one of the most organized thrift stores I’ve ever been in. Their prices range from reasonable to very good. The money they raise supports missionaries in Peru. Here’s what I brought home, all for $11.26.4-5-17 helping Hands $10

3 pair of jeans,4 button down shirts,1 pair khakis and 1 belt will be donated to Union Gospel Mission.UGM

the forth pair of jeans was badly wore from tattered jeans

and I turned them into a grocery tote bag. I filled it with groceries to give to my neighborhood food bank. This will mean they save money on bags.tote8451

The hoe will replace the one I received last summer from a freecycler (it has a broken handle).hoes handle

The two pieces of polar fleece will be used for more hats. fabricI have no use in mind for the fake suede but at 25 cents for 1 1/4 yard I couldn’t pass it up. I may or may not come up for a use for it.

Scattered, cluttered, unorganized all describe me and my surroundings. Hopefully these binders will help corral some of my paper clutter. 3 bindersLeave me a comment if you’ve found anything GOOD at the thrift stores lately.

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2 Responses to Thrift Haul

  1. Barbara says:

    For me it is easier to find wonderful plates, old candlesticks and other “treasures” than it is to find the truly useful items. I listen to audiobooks while commuting to work and sometimes these turn up at thrift stores. I still send written correspondence and note cards can be found from time to time. Most of my furniture is second hand too. For some reason outdoor jackets are not too hard to find.
    I really like that tote bag! Everyone can put those terrific washable sacks to work!

  2. Barbara, I agree about dishes. Back in the day one set of dishes lasted a lifetime. These days people change patterns regularly. I have a complete set of perfectly unmatched but go-together-beautifully dishes that I accumulated by thrifting. Good for you sending hand written notes, I see lots of stationary sets at the thrift stores.

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