Decisions, Decisions

Dear Readers I need your help with my wardrobe.

I largely choose my clothes for practicality and function. I’ve never had a flair for fashion.

I just made a  cap sleeved dress from $1 thrifted white tee shirt fabric and a 19cent pattern. I found a $1 necklace to wear with it.

I’m thinking it can use a colorful cardigan to complete the look. I found a few candidates, but don’t know which to choose.

Option #1 long tall sallyis the most expensive at $6.99. The brand is Long Tall Sally and I will need to roll up the EXTRA long sleeves because thought I am 5-10 they hang over my hands.

Option #2Merona

is Merona Brand $5.99 (sorry for the blurry picture but you get the idea)

Option #3 old navy

is from Old Navy. $5.99

I had planned to get a sweater that matched the necklace but as I was leaving I spotted Option #4purple

All of the sweaters are in GREAT condition, but they do vary in quality.

So which do you like best? Tell me your choice and your reasoning.


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8 Responses to Decisions, Decisions

  1. Mia says:

    I like #1 because it looks the best 🙂

  2. Mira says:

    Dear Frugal Spinster, my preference would be #2. As for #1 – folded back sleeves scream secondhand, hand down from a taller sister, or bad quality, got out of shape in the wash. #3 – leftover from the last pregnancy? I like the color of #4 sweater, but I find the blue/blue on white of #2 is a little more stylish. Good luck with choosing. Any special occasion you are going to wear this ensemble to?

  3. susan trumbo says:

    I am loving #2, both for the pretty front – and it looks like it matches the beads perfectly. #4 is very pretty as well – I love the purple.

  4. thanks for adding your point of view.

  5. Kimberly says:

    Hi – I like the ruffled sweater too (#2). It is a little dressier but the sleeves will work better and it is pretty! Enjoy the vacation ! Hope you are well. -Kimberly

  6. Barbara says:

    #3 Old Navy jacket. Hits the waistline of the dress nicely. Good job with the dress!

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