Frugal Fix

It has been harder and harder to tighten the wing nut on my second hand pruning saw enough to keep the blade in position, for some time. Each time I try to remove a limb the screw wiggles loose and the blade folds backwards.colapsed blade

Time to replace it, but, none have turned up at the thrift stores.

I checked on-line to see what a replacement would cost me. They run from $10-$30.

A locally owned hardware store in my area has annual sales where everything in the store is a percentage off. Since I didn’t have a urgent need I put “pruning saw” on my wish list for the next time they have a sale.

I put up with the inconvenience of the blade collapsing backwards as I work because most of my pruning jobs are very small. That means I only need to be reposition the blade and tightened it once, maybe twice to get the job done.

Today I decided to remove some lower limbs on this fir tree to open up more planting space. tree to trimI got so exasperated with the saw that I was ready to jump in the car and go buy another one on the spot. Then my FRUGAL self took over and I realized a pair of pliers would tighten the wing nut better than my fingers, sure it might never be foldable again but I need a saw NOW the folding feature, though nice, isn’t important right now.tightening nut

I am still in the market for a replacement saw but until I can get one at a good price this one is working perfectly.limbs cut off

Readers, please tell us all about the FRUGAL FIXES you have made.


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5 Responses to Frugal Fix

  1. Susan Trumbo says:

    Excellent job on the pruning saw, I have the same issue and am going to try your fix.

  2. I was hoping my experience could be helpful for someone else. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

  3. Lilly pickles says:

    Some time ago, my hobo brother in law told me to make do with what we have. Well, I have a little house with a quarter acre lot. There’s 8 years of pine straw and the rest looks like a jungle. I have a pair of scissors from dollar tree and I sit on the ground and cut out a 3X3 section each day. My small hatchet is great for cutting down small trees. I am so grateful for paying attention to someone who once explained the technique to me. I certainly never expected to use it. Some of this stuff looks like it spreads from a major root system. I have a lot of chopping and digging to do with my basic tools. Feels like chopping salad in the yard. I am amazed at what those little scissors have managed.

  4. mechd says:

    Hi Frugal Spinster,
    Love your blog. I’m writing an article on ‘money tips from the super-frugal’ on tight turnaround for AARP’s print magazine (the largest circulation publication in the US). We’re looking to speak to single people age 50+ (widowed, divorced, unmarried) who have advice on living on a super low budget or at least without spending very much. HOPING you might know someone (or two) who might fit the bill. 🙂 Anyone? I’m at davidhochman at mac dotcom.

    Many thanks.


    David Hochman

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