I am a disciple of The Lord Jesus.
I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I enjoy all aspects of nature but especially bird watching.
I have frugal bones, I was raised by children of the depression, meaning that my parents were both advocates of not letting anything go to waste.
I work part-time as a cake decorator and I walk dogs for a little added income.
I was born in 1952 and never married, hence the name of my blog.
There are lots of frugal blogs that focus on frugality as it concerns family . I want to focus on living frugally as a single.

You can contact me by leaving a comment or send an e-mail to sweetmem@juno.com


3 Responses to About

  1. I have just discovered your blog today, over from Living Simply Free. I have raised a family but in my 60’s I am now living singly and looking forward to following your blog. From Brisbane, Australia.

  2. Sharon says:

    Hi, Maybe I’m your second reader from down under, enjoying your blog, full of fresh ideas & good pictures! I was brought up pretty frugally as well & hate to see waste. Keep up the good work! Sharon from Christchurch, New Zealand

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