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Frugal Gift Giving

This week I had two gift giving occasions; my friend Kira moved into a new apartment, and I took a hostess gift to Jerry & Monika’s when they hosted a Bible class. For both occasions I went shopping in my pantry, … Continue reading

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Mega- Thrifting

I took advantage of the MLK day sales and spent the whole day thrifting. In 6 hours I traveled 35 mile, visited 10 stores and spent $49.06. So what did I purchase? I bought 4- 99 cent sweaters at Goodwill. 2 of … Continue reading

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Tomato Sauce

Last year some time I decided I wanted to make my own tomato sauce. As a single person household I don’t need a lot at one time so I planned to preserve it in 1/2 pint jars. This spring I planted … Continue reading

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Frugal DIY

When my father passed in 1995, my family decided to keep his 1990 pick-up truck in the family. This gives my siblings and I access to a truck for those times when a truck is needed. I used the truck recently to … Continue reading

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Five Frugal Fails

I don’t want you to think that all my attempts at frugality work out as planned. So instead of a 5 Frugal Things post, today I’m doing a 5 Frugal Fails. 1.I was looking through my collection of thrifted patterns to … Continue reading

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Frugal Fail

I planned to make myself a gallon of iced tea. When I poured the boiling water into my recycled pickle jar, it shattered. I’ve been making tea this way for years, and its not a cold day so I’m baffled … Continue reading

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DIY Hose Repair

I carelessly ran the lawn mower over a soaker hose severing the female connection end. My sister now lives in our family home and my fathers shop is just the way he left it 20+ years ago, brimming with just about anything … Continue reading

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