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Thrift Report

Just before Lou’s passing ( Thank you to all who posted condolence messages for me) I spent the day thrifting and came home with some timely purchases. The hanging basket will replace this one. I harvested the knobs off the … Continue reading

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Today we say goodbye to Glory

In February of 2003 my mother got a new pure bred collie puppy. A few months later my mother suffered a series of strokes that she never recovered from. Neither myself or my sister could take full responsibility for the … Continue reading

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Wild and Free

Free is always frugal. There’s nothing better than free food. I was reading another blog, a commenter mentioned Dandelion jelly. That very afternoon, as I walked the dogs, I also collected dandelions .     Later that evening I made jelly.Another day I was … Continue reading


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Freecycle solution

My sister’s collie Glory is 12 years old. Technically Glory belongs to my sister, but we refer to her as a time-share dog. Her original owner was our mother. Sadly she had a stroke when Glory was only a few … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung!

It’s nesting season already. I pick up a bit of extra cash by walking dogs. Each afternoon we go to a local park. I always bring my binoculars and bird watch while the dogs sniff. This week I found a Hummingbird on … Continue reading

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Another thrift report

February 18, 2015 Value Village $4.42 Sherpa Glory (one of the dogs I walk) has nerve damage in her back. She can no longer walk. In September she got a “wheelchair” She occasionally gets hung up but for the most … Continue reading

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Remember this Waste Basket?

  I said I intended to give it to a second-hand store. Well, before it got there I found another purpose for it. My home is a three bedroom rambler, there is no basement, but there is a crawl space … Continue reading

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Dumpster Diving and a Rant

I live just a few houses away from an elementary school. My daily “walk the dogs route” takes me through the school property to a small neighborhood park. I often make use of the schools dumpster as we pass by. … Continue reading

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Storage for plastic bags

If you’re frugal like I am (and I assume that those reading a frugal blog share my frugal ways) then you don’t throw away empty plastic bags. Storing them can be somewhat challenging. I need bags to pick up after … Continue reading

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More about my favorite park

Because I visit the park almost everyday I have become friends with many of the  other regular park users. Recently one of them had a dinner party where most of the guests were people who met at the park and … Continue reading

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