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Book Report #5

The Family Nobody Wanted by Helen Doss This biographical work tell the story of how Carl and Helen Doss ended up adopting 12 multi-racial children. After the Dosses learned they could not have children of their own the adopted a … Continue reading

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More about my resolutions

#4 Home repair and updates When my brother passed he left his conciderable estate to the University of Washington and his (step) grandchildren. Some of his assets had no designated benificiary, so as his closest relitives my other brother, sister … Continue reading

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Me and My Arrow

My last thrift report featured a doggie gate. Well, meet Arrow, the reason I needed a gate. How did she get her name you ask?: The second time we meet with the breeders they let us play with two puppies. … Continue reading

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There’s been a death in the family

Just when you thought Frugal Spinster posts were coming on a regular basis, Disaster strikes and upsets my schedule again. My younger brother unexpectedly passed Saturday night. I’ll try to get back to blogging soon but right now its low … Continue reading

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April Thrift Report 3

On April 17th 1957 I became big sister to boy/girl baby twins. This year my brother and his wife were celebrating in Hawaii. I treated my sister to a day of thrifting. I didn’t tell her what I had planned … Continue reading

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Today we say goodbye to Glory

In February of 2003 my mother got a new pure bred collie puppy. A few months later my mother suffered a series of strokes that she never recovered from. Neither myself or my sister could take full responsibility for the … Continue reading

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Freecycle solution

My sister’s collie Glory is 12 years old. Technically Glory belongs to my sister, but we refer to her as a time-share dog. Her original owner was our mother. Sadly she had a stroke when Glory was only a few … Continue reading

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A Particularly Frugal Day part III

Yesterday you read about my very productive morning of thrifting. After the thrift stores I went to Wild Birds Unlimited. I had to come up with a Plan B for my gift card since I found the feeder I wanted … Continue reading

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Right now Im….

…So glad that spring is here. Although we’ve been getting more than our share of April Showers. …Scrubbing out old flowerpots ….So thankful I have a covered back porch, where I can work on projects like this even though it is … Continue reading

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My Frugal Birthday

My friend Ann Marie and I sorted through my life list to see what might be easy to find that would put me over 300 before the end of 2012. In doing so we realized that I had several species listed … Continue reading

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