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April Thrift Report 5

The toaster oven and microwave are important tools in my kitchen. I use them daily to reheat my meals from the stockpile in the freezer. Recently the on-off knob on my toaster oven developed a short. At first I was able to make it work by … Continue reading

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A Particularly Frugal Day- Part II

  WOW! I got several “likes” and a couple of new followers from the first instillation of my frugal day post. I hope the rest of the story is equally popular. For several years I have volunteered at a neighborhood … Continue reading

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I love thrift stores

I have been on the look out for a new pair of work shoes for a while. I purchased these (believe it or not) at Grocery Outlet. Yes, at a grocery store. As the name implies GO is an outlet store … Continue reading

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