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March Thrift Report

I didn’t do as much thrifting as I usually do in March. Here’s what I DID buy. Because I don’t already have enough white dishes. (I have “Thriftitis”, I can’t help myself)I’ve been wanting to replace my cracked crock before … Continue reading

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February Thrift Report Part 2

February 17 – Eastside community Aid 72 cents You’ll see these made up in future posts (maybe) Goodwill #1 $1.64 I’m so unhappy that stores are bagging patterns rather than selling them individually. So far its just Value Village and … Continue reading

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A Tidy Profit

I’ve read about people who make a good living by reselling thrifted items. Dave Ramsey often tell the story of a man who got out of debt by selling thrifted golf clubs on eBay. Katy the Non-consumer Advocate is building … Continue reading

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A Day of Thrifting

The bakery sent me onĀ an errand Monday. It took me 35 miles to the south and put some spending money in my pocket. So of course I checked out the thrift stores in the area. 1st Goodwill 2nd Goodwill these … Continue reading

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Thrift Store shopping with AFRUGALSPINSTER

I love reading blogs about amazing second hand store finds. I feel like my second hand purchases are far less exciting, but I decided to show off my frugal finds none-the-less. I try to hold myself to only purchasing things … Continue reading

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It never hurts to ask

I am on a jam making kick. I made several flavors during the summer. So much so that I filled all my jelly jars. Everybody I know has been getting jam as birthday presents, thank-you gifts, house warming gifts, you … Continue reading

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