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April Groceries

In an endeavor to provide an example of how to eat on a frugal budget. I’m posting each month how I spend my $70. food allotment. Then posting what I made from the groceries I bought. My rules for frugal … Continue reading

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Five Frugal Things

One-I have 4 jumbo packs of 99cent chicken thighs in my freezer. I should be good on chicken for quite some time. I went to the store on Saturday night they were out of SALE chicken. I asked for a … Continue reading

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A Frugal Spinster’s January Groceries

January 4th Dollar Store $1.00 Grocery Outlet $9.25 January 16th Winco $33.74 January 20th Grocery Outlet $9.44 January 27th Sorry no picture but I bought: Tilapia, marked down ground beef, ground pork, tea, and whole wheat flour. Saars $31.40 Grocery … Continue reading

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Shopping Trip Dilemmas

I planed to make a roast chicken with stuffing the other day. I needed to  run to the store for onion, and celery for the stuffing. My shopping list also had strawberries on it. I grow my own strawberries but I’ve used … Continue reading

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Easy Cheap Bread crumbs

I recently saw bread crumbs on the grocery store shelf. It had never occurred to me that bread crumbs were an ingredient  to purchase. I thought everyone made their own like I do. Name brand Progresso were on sale for $2.04 … Continue reading

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