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April Thrift Report 3

On April 17th 1957 I became big sister to boy/girl baby twins. This year my brother and his wife were celebrating in Hawaii. I treated my sister to a day of thrifting. I didn’t tell her what I had planned … Continue reading

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Five (make that 10) frugal things

Time for another Five Frugal Things post but I can’t just stop at five… Monday is often my errand day. As usual I batched my  errands (1) to save money and time. The To-Do list included getting my oil changed. I went to … Continue reading

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It never hurts to ask

I stopped at Value Village to see if I could find some new (to me) sweat pants. I found two identical pair. Identical that is except for the color. One was gray the other black. Then I looked at the … Continue reading

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There is something SO wrong with this

I have fond memories of late nights around a dimming camp fire, small tree branch whittled to a sharp point suspending marshmallows over the glowing embers, chocolate bar and graham cracker waiting nearby. When the golden blisters on the marshmallow are just … Continue reading

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I’m so disappointed

In Goodwill. Recently I walked in on a Monday to be greeted by this sign: Until now select tag were marked down to $1.29 on Monday. That’s not the only change they have made to their pricing. Select tags were marked … Continue reading

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Thrift Store shopping with AFRUGALSPINSTER

I love reading blogs about amazing second hand store finds. I feel like my second hand purchases are far less exciting, but I decided to show off my frugal finds none-the-less. I try to hold myself to only purchasing things … Continue reading

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Swim Shoes

Sometimes second hand shopping can be a S-L-O-W process. It can take months to find what you want, in good condition, for a price you’re willing to pay. Last Friday my sister told me one of her foster girls needed … Continue reading

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Thrifting on Thursday

Katy the Non-consumer advocate recently asked her readers for advice on several of her belongings. She wanted to know if she should fix, replace or make do with a dutch oven, set of salad tongs and a missing bathroom tile. … Continue reading

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Weekly Thrift Report

I’m still adding to my “Bread Making Kit”.I found a bread book- for all intents and purposes BRAND NEW -that was $1.99 & a cute chicken potholder for 49 cents.  Speaking of chickens…You may remember that I walk a couple … Continue reading

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Weekly Thrifting Report

On Friday I stopped at a Garage sale and found these Capri’s. It gets very hot in the bakery so I’m glad to have another pair of short pants to wear on summer days. Saturday I had several cake delivers … Continue reading

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