Resolution Modified


You all know that I resolved to Eat Myself Out of House & Home.

 I only allow myself to purchase food that fits in three categories. Produce, dairy or necessary to make a meal from something I have in my stockpile. The modification is to add a fourth category of allowable purchases. Staples that I have used up. 

I went to Cash & Carry this week & spent $67.18. Cash & Carry is a grocery store for food service businesses. In years past, it was limited to those who had a business license, but they have changed that policy. They don’t advertise it but anyone can shop there now, no questions asked. and the savings can be substantial.

I , purchased coffee, powdered milk, gelatin, vanilla, raspberry syrup, bacon bits, and trash bags. I also bought an industrial sized rubber spatula.

I did a cost comparison at a large chain grocery store and would have spent $73.62 for the same items. If I purchased the same quantities of those items it would have cost $160.40.

I saved $91.68.

Interestingly by doing this cost comparison I learned that Cash & Carry is not the best place to buy everything. The milk, trash bags and gelatin were less expensive at the grocery store.

Do you have a favorite place to save on grocery dollars? Tell about it in the comment section.


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