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Oregon Trail # 4 Fort Kearney and the Platte River Crossing

Fort Kearney At each “Fort” the wagon train members are quizzed on the facts regarding that landmark. They then have to opportunity to buy needed supplies. Fort Kearny was established in the spring of 1848 in response to the growth … Continue reading

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Oregon Trail #3 Alcove Springs

Alcove Springs Pioneers stopping at this lovely site found the name “Alcove Springs” carved into the nearby rocks. The carving had been done by members of the ill-fated Donner Party when they had stopped to rest at this location.  This picturesque … Continue reading

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Oregon Trail #2 Independence MO.

Explorers, fur trappers, and traders found and began to use the wildlife trails that Indians followed across the continent’s interior. Those same trails provided a link to the West, opening the route for Oregon-bound emigrants. Eager to expand the growing … Continue reading

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The Oregon Trail #1

Today starts a series that will explain why I made a Coonskin Cap. Alright this doesn’t have much to do with frugality. Unless I could classify it as frugal fun. It WAS very fun and didn’t have to cost me … Continue reading

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Show & Tell Sunday

Today’s cakes all have something in common. Did you figure out what they have in common?

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Today we say goodbye to Glory

In February of 2003 my mother got a new pure bred collie puppy. A few months later my mother suffered a series of strokes that she never recovered from. Neither myself or my sister could take full responsibility for the … Continue reading

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Coon Skin Cap

I mentioned before that I’ve been on the lookout for some frugal (“cheap”) fake fur to use with this 50 cent toy to make a coonskin cap. (I do wish I could figure out how to make links back to … Continue reading

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French Show & Tell Sunday

A snippet of history to go along with today’s Show & Tell. July 14th is Bastille Day. That is it’s known as Bastille Day by the English speaking world, the French refer to this national holiday as La Fete Nationale. It … Continue reading

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Scratch Cooking is always FRUGAL

“Cooking from scratch is always the most FRUGAL way to go!” While, generally speaking I would agree with that statement, there are times it makes more CENTS to use a mix. When you purchase convenience foods you often pay more for … Continue reading

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Sunday Show and Tell

On Sundays I show off some of the cakes we’re made at the bakery I work at part time. Today’s collection is a random assortment.

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