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Frugal Fail

I planned to make myself a gallon of iced tea.

When I poured the boiling water into my recycled pickle jar, it shattered. IMG_4653I’ve been making tea this way for years, and its not a cold day so I’m baffled as to why this happened.

There’s no sense crying over spilled tea.

I quickly picked up the saturated tea bags and put them in two pitchers, continuing my tea making process.

I guess it wasn’t such a frugal fail after all.

It was incentive to mop the kitchen floor too.IMG_4655


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April Thrift Report 5

The toaster oven and microwave are important tools in my kitchen. I use them daily to reheat my meals from the stockpile in the freezer.

Recently the on-off knob on my toaster oven developed a short. At first I was able to make it work by jiggling it a bit as I turned it on. Then one day there was nothing I could do to convince the oven to reheat my burrito.

I weighed my options: buy a new oven (pricey), have mine repaired (still expensive), try to do the repair myself (finding parts might be a problem)

I’m not keen on appliances from the thrift store. They are often dirty and you may end up with something that should have gone in the garbage.

I came across one that looked good at St.Vincent de Paul. This store also features free bread, free breadso before purchasing the toaster oven I gave it a test runtest station_4211

it was in good working order and at $5.99 it was less that a repair bill or even replacement parts, so I made the purchase.

My Thrifty purchases are usually under $5 so this haul at $18.17 was very unusual4-26-16 svdp $18.17

I also got a spare bowl for my salad spinner, some lace, a pattern,

a Peanut feeder that has been approved by both squirrels and jays

and a mini laundry basket to use on the Oregon Trail.

At Goodwill  3-30-16 GW $ - 5.39Copy

I found red gingham to make a shirt for my Oregon Trail Laundry,gingham turned shirta travel mug to use at work so I don’t spill coffee on my cakes and more doll clothes patterns.

That does it for my April Thrift Report.


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Show and Tell


There is a website called Cake Wrecks. I hope that none of our cake are ever featured on that site. I did see a perfect candidate a few days ago though.

Wednesday I was at the bakery to  make a cake delivery. The other decorators had gone home for the day. A customer came in and chose a Lemon Chiffon from the show case. I was the only decorator available. The sales staff asked me to put an inscription on the cake.

I learned from the customer, that the cake was for the her teen aged daughter. Over the weekend they had had a big family gathering with a cake from a different bakery. This was the actual BIRTHDAY so the Mom was picking up another cake and asked me to write “Happy Sweet 16 Sarah-Jane”

After I presented the finished cake to her, she showed me her phone with a picture of a cake that said Happy WEEK 16 Sarah-Jane. The mistake went overlooked until the 16 year old birthday girl asked “Mom, what does week 16 mean?

This weeks Show & Tell proves that AGE MATTERS

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you ever gotten a cake wreck?

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Food Waste Friday

I’m not done with my April Thrift report but I have some Food Waste to report:(

Frugal Girl no longer hosts

and thanks to her bringing this issue to my attention I have all but eliminated my food waste.

but occasionally I have 2 “Food Waste Fails” and I feel the need to publish them.

First case is the last batch of yogurt I made.

I did something wrong and although the yogurt tasted fine it was very soft in texture. Because I prefer my yogurt firmer I was slow in eating through the batch, eventually allowing three servings to get moldy.mold

I was going to wash the yogurt down the drain when I remembered that my sister feeds yogurt to her hens. I asked he if it was OK to feed them yogurt with the mold scraped off and she said yes. The girls had quite a feast.


they came after it so quickly that they are blurry in the photo

So I didn’t really WASTE the yogurt I just converted it into eggs.eggs

I contend that I am in no way responsible for the following wasted orange.fw 5-19-16

I purchased the bananas & oranges planning to make Honey Bee Ambrosia. Before the bananas had lost their green tips and the orange is completely molded.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to the thrift report.

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April Thrift Report 3

On April 17th 1957 I became big sister to boy/girl baby twins. This year my brother and his wife were celebrating in Hawaii.

I treated my sister to a day of thrifting. I didn’t tell her what I had planned I just picked her up and headed to the first store. I pulled into Goodwill and handed her a gift card. She didn’t find anything but I came home with a good supply of soap4-17-16 GW $3.27

Next stop Value Village. I found more  doll clothes patterns and some hand warmers that I will donate to a homeless mission.4-17-16 VV $3.55

We went to a  second Goodwill where my sister found a tea pot (NEW) and a saucer that matches her antique chinaIMG_4106 Hean's Haul

After our day of thrifting we went to the Ballard Locks for a picnic that was capped off by a birthday cake that featured her garden including the chickens. IMG_4117After sunset we called it a day.IMG_4119sunset

Is a day of thrifting your idea of a fun birthday activity?

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April Thrift Report 2

I couldn’t resist this pretty tote bag. 4-5-16 DI $4.38It was New With Tags and only cost me $2. I’ve been using it as a shopping bag.

Every summer I enjoy spending my evenings on the back porch. Mosquitos also enjoy the summer nights so I burn citronella candles to keep them away.

no clapperI love the sound of wind chimes. In keeping with my frugal ways I’ve held on to this one even though the clapper broke off long ago. (it still chimes if the wind is strong enough)

new wind chimeIt has now been replaced with one that only needs a breeze to make it chime.4-6-16 gw $17.47

I’m stocking up on doll clothes patterns to provide inventory for an ETSY store I plan to open (this was one of my goals for 2016 and I haven’t done anything about it yet, so perhaps I’m just collecting doll patterns)

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a Birthday Outing.

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