DIY Hose Repair

I carelessly ran the lawn mower over a soaker hose severing the female connection end.

My sister now lives in our family home and my fathers shop is just the way he left it 20+ years ago, brimming with just about anything you could ever want or need in the way of hardware. (sometimes its easier to buy what you need than try to find where he kept his supply of thing-a-ma-jigs but) I found a coffee can full of plumbing parts and located just what I needed.coffe can

All I had to do was make a clean cut.trim

I had some trouble forcing the replacement into the hose so I used boiling water to make the hose more pliablehot water

Then I could insert the female connection and screw the collar on nice and snug.IMG_4198

My frugal roots run deep. Thanks for your help Dad. I’ll never call you a pack rat again.

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Five Frugal Things

I repaired a broken soaker hose rather than buying a new one.IMG_4198

I  use bread odds and ends to make a supply of bread crumbsbread crumbs

I found four pennies waiting for me in the parking lot when I went to the parkpennies from heaven

I recycled clear plastic domes as mini hot houses to start my lettuceIMG_4193

I picked up a rain check for sale plants from Rite Aid. I asked what day they get their next shipment so I can get my petunias, lobelia and alyssum fresh off the truckIMG_4196

How about you? Please leave a comment telling what frugal things you’ve been doing.

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Show and Tell

Just like last week I have baby cakes to show you.IMG_3512babyIMG_3611chicIMG_3696clothes lineIMG_3768booties

panda baby shower 9656

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Sunday Show & Tell

We’re doing a lot of baby shower cakes recentlyIMG_4073onsieIMG_4094 stork EIIMG_4066bootiesIMG_4086story book

I just love what Rosie did with the “O”IMG_4085 Once

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Five Frugal Things

Our off season heat wave is over, nonetheless, I hung my laundry to air dry. Some things weren’t dry by night fall so  I had to put the towels in the drier to finish.air dry

My friends Mark & Jessica are going to Wenatchee for a few days. Maddie is staying with me. I don’t “charge” for my dog sitting services, but I accept monetary thank you gifts based on what the dog owner feels my services is worth. Maddie

I picked up a collection of pots from a FREE pile on the side of the street near my favorite park. free pots

Just in time to replenish my supply  that was depleted when I offered some daisies and lilacs on Freecycle. freecycled plants

I combined offers to save $29.00 getting my car serviced.combined coupons

I rented a power washer and cleaned my driveway myself rather than hiring someone else.

This is a VERY messy job, best done on a HOT day

This is a VERY messy job, best done on a HOT day

I’d like to hear from you, Frugal Readers, do you have 5 frugal things as well?

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Not Just Cake Show & Tell


Tool Cookies


Bread Sculpture

IMG_0454sealing wax petit4s

Sealing Wax Petis Fours


Assorted Mini Tarts tarts7985

More Mini Tarts

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Iced Tea

I’ve  been meaning to do this post for quite some time, but kept forgetting to get my thoughts down. Thanks to Carol who asked why I purchase DaVinci  syrups for being the spark I needed.

I grew up in a home where the beverage choices were, milk, lemonade, or iced tea.

My beverage of choice was usually milk. Occasionally lemonade but on the RARE occasion  I drank iced tea it was mixed half & half with lemonade.

I was introduced to Raspberry Iced tea when I was working at a Burger Joint. It was one of the choices from our soda fountain. I really enjoyed it.

When I quit that job I also quit drinking iced tea, until one day when I was eating out and inquired if they offered raspberry iced tea. The waitress answered “I can make you some”

I learned that they made their flavored teas by adding the flavored syrups used at the espresso bar.

Since that day I’ve been making my own Raspberry Iced Tea.

In recent years I’ve noticed an increase in the popularity of flavored Iced Teas.QFC Shelves_0624

The beverage isle at the grocery store has many to choose from; lemon, green, ginseng, peach, raspberry, mixed berry, and good old sweet tea, not to mention diet sweet tea.

Individual bottles of tea go for $1.99. If you buy a 12 pack you can get a bottle for 54 cents.

I can’t understand paying that much for something a simple as iced tea. The best price I’ve found on tea is $1.79/80 tea bags. I use 7 bags to make a gallon of tea (sometimes sun tea)sun tea

and 7 oz. of DaVinci’s raspberry syrup. If I’ve done my math right I get a gallon of raspberry tea for $1.25. that translates to a 12 oz. bottle ‘r serving coming to 11 cents.

I hope if any of you are purchasing premade iced tea you’ll try my frugal method.





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