Take Me Out to the Ball Game

For cheap

An outing to a major league Baseball game can be very expensive.

Here’s how I did it for $5.75

First of all everyone I know, knows I am Mariner’s fan.

A friend, John’s company sponcered day at the ballpark. But John had to attend to a family matter out of town. I got a phone call asking if I could  use the otherwise wasted ticket. Yes, please! Thank you very much!ticket

Of course I dressed for the occasion.  I bought my Baseball garb not at the team store but from the thrift store.


2001 All Star game was held at Safeco Field I got to go to the Home Run Derby. I bought the shirt a couple of years later.



I rode the bus (last I checked parking at the stadium was $10)bus faire both ways came to $5.75. ($2.50 in and $3.25 home)bus

I should have taken an earlier bus I didn’t take into account that I would have to face a crowd getting into the stadium.crowd

Both inside and out of Safeco Field venders want you to buy  outrageously priced food.hot dog stand I brought snacks from home.


By the time I got to my seat, it was the top of the 2nd inning and we had already given up 4 runs. Very surprising since out Ace was pitching.

The first half of the game wasn’t very exciting,

The lull in the action was punctuated by a fan leaping over the fence and being tackled by security guards. The announcer then came on “Just a reminder; Fans entering the field of play will be arrested, fined $500 and spend the night in jail”.

The action picked up as we pulled to within one run of the Sox in the 7th inning and tied them in the 8th. I thought we would take the lead when we had the bases loaded and only one out but an inning ending double play dashed my hopes.

Three more anticipation filled innings later a walkoff homer gave us a win.

In the end I still watched 9 innings of baseball even though I missed the first two.

Leave a comment sharing your favorite cheap outing.

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Frozen Show & Tell

I know many of you are sweltering under the summer sun. Here in the Pacific Northwest they summer comes on July 5th. Its late this year we are experiencing mostly cloudy days that usually clear in late afternoon and the temperature doesn’t get past the mid 70s.

This may or may not be related to the popularity of “Frozen” themed birthday cakes we’ve been producing.

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Five Frugal Things

5 frugal food things to be specific

free pile1. I found a dog gate in a FREE pile. Although it is in its original box, the gate was smashed to pieces. (They must have had a very powerful dog) I did salvage 2 metal grids I plan to use as a pea trellis next spring. (too late for this years crop)

Kira's trout2.My friend Kira came back from a camping trip and gave me two trout. DELICIOUS!

free ban & grp3.My sister volunteered at a food stop for a bike race and came back with grapes and bananas. I ate the grapes and froze the bananas for banana bread and or smoothies.

Found Onion4.I picked up a perfectly good onion off the street.

home made BBQ Sauce5. I made my own BBQ sauce. I reused my empty BBQ bottle to store it.

Do you have any Frugal things you want to boast about?

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Five Frugal Fails

I don’t want you to think that all my attempts at frugality work out as planned.

So instead of a 5 Frugal Things post, today I’m doing a 5 Frugal Fails.

oops duplicates1.I was looking through my collection of thrifted patterns to find one for a refashion I’m working on. I not only found the hi-lo skirt pattern I was looking for but also,  duplicates of two other patterns.

not contact paper2. I need a roll of contact paper. The roll I  found at Goodwill was marked down. Perfect, right? When I got home I noticed that it was Shelf Liner not contact paper.

flat tire3. I had a flat tire on my garden wagon. I failed in my attempt to replace the tire myself.

expired4. Albertson’s opened a new store near me. They mailed out $10 off a purchase of $50 or more. I planned to take advantage of the great deal, but I misplaced the coupon. It finally turned up 2 days after it expired.

frugal fail seeds5. After filling my bird feeder I got sidetracked (the story of my life) I came back to find that the squirrels had taken advantage of the easily accessible sunflower seeds.

Although there have been several fails recently there is a bright side:

  1. I know I really like the blouse patterns since I picked them out twice. I NEVER pay more that 99 cents for patterns so it was not a major investment.

2.The difference between Contact and shelf Liner is Contact paper is self adhesive. I’ll eventually find a use for the shelf liner, even if I don’t I’m only out 50 cents.

3.I didn’t have to pay to have the tire fixed. I just had to find someone more handy than myself. Beside that I learned how to change the tire if I have to do it again in the future.

4. Thus Tuesday’s ad had another $10 OFF coupon for Albertson’s. You can be sure I won’t lose track of this one.

5.The truth is that squirrels get a fair amount of my bird seed anyway. They are always scarfing up what the birds drop to the ground. I’m still glad that I found  the open tin when I did to limit the damage.

Tell me about your frugal fail, I don’t want to feel alone.

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Show & Tell Sunday


After a break from “Wedding Month” last Sunday I’m back with more wedding cakes.IMG_0940IMG_3868chu- - CopyIMG_9645IMG_9834IMG_9946tiered dregeespink rosette cake dummywhite rosette cake

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Show and Tell Sunday

Tomorrow is the first day of Summer

Maybe you are going to spend some time in the woodsIMG_3751forest

do some boatingIMG_4089 speed boat

doing some fishingIMG_9950fishing

go on a camping trip IMG_3582campiing

or perhaps you like the beach IMG_4099 beachIMG_3507beach

or a ride in a hot air balloonIMG_3536ROSIE

or will you just stay home and work in the garden?IMG_4096 small garden

What is your favorite summer activity?


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Show and Tell

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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