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Kirkland GW

A new Goodwill store is opening. I will pass by it every time I go to work. Coincidentally it shares a parking lot with MY bank branch. I will now have two thrift stores that are right along my daily route.

Note to self: Please practice some self-control. Don’t stop more than once a week.

If you had a St. Vincent de Paul less than a mile from home and a you had to pass a  Goodwill driving to and from work how often would you visit those stores?

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It never hurts to ask

I stopped at Value Village to see if I could find some new (to me) sweat pants.

I found two identical pair. Identical that is except for the color. One was gray the other black.sweat pants

Then I looked at the prices.

For no apparent reason the black pants were $2.00 more.differant price tags

I took both pair to the cashier and asked if I could have them both at $3.99, if not I wouldn’t buy the black ones.

Her explanation was that different people had priced them. She called for a supervisor, who was nearby but involved in a conversation with another customer. When her supervisor didn’t respond to her call she just made the executive decision to give me the price break.

I’m very thankful to now have two new pair of sweat pants. Working in the garden gets my clothes dirty fast.

Do you challenge prices? Do you ask for a better deal? Do you just pay the higher price? Do you walk away without making the purchase?

I say “It never hurts to ask” the worst that can happen is you get NO for an answer.

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Five Frugal Things

Following the example of Katy the Non-consumer Advocate, I’m doing a “Five Frugal Things” post where I list 5 things I did today that can be classified as frugal.

1. I worked an extra shift for a co-worker who had a dental appointment. I’m looking forward to the bigger than  usual paycheck.

2. When I saw a excavation project going on in my neighborhood I asked for their extra dirt. I’m sifting it to make a new flower bed rather than buying soil.pile of dirt


Glory Supervised

Glory Supervised

3. I cooked chicken bones in the crockpot to make broth.

4. I walked to the library.

library books

5. I sprouted mung beans for tomorrows Chow Mein.bean sprouts

How about you? What does your frugal day look like?

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Show & Tell Sunday

The many cake shows on TV have led to the popularity of tiered birthday cakes for children. As a frugal spinster I can’t see spending hundreds of dollars on cake. But it means job security, I’m not complaining.7944 Hye Beak first birthday cake w- bows 3-23-15 7944 8140farm cake4-4-15 IMG_7998

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Shopping Trip Dilemmas

I planed to make a roast chicken with stuffing the other day.

I needed to  run to the store for onion, and celery for the stuffing.

My shopping list also had strawberries on it.

I grow my own strawberries but I’ve used up last year’s supply. It will be a while before I can harvest any this year.strawberry plant

I don’t use much celery so when I need it I usually buy just a few ribs. If the store doesn’t sell celery by the rib, you can still buy just a few ribs if they sell celery by the pound.

I got to the store and they were only selling celery by the stock.

$1.29 isn’t a lot of money but knowing I don’t go through a lot of celery and not wanting to waste food I hesitated to make the purchase.

The next nearest store is only 3 miles away. I considered just going there for my groceries, but gas and time made me just go ahead and get the whole stock. Decades ago I was told that every time you start your engine it cost 50 cents. I can only guess that with today’s prices that figure has increased dramatically.

Then I ran into another dilemma. Fresh or frozen berries? I use the berries in smoothies so price would be the determining factor. Fresh strawberries were $6.99 for a 2# clam shell. Frozen were $6.99 for 40 oz. Frozen it is!4-9-15 Safeway $

I went home and made my Chicken.roast chickenTo insure I don’t let the celery go to waste I’m snacking on Stuffed celery sticks.celery & smootie

What kind of grocery dilemmas do you run into?

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Frozen Show & Tell

“Frozen” birthday parties must be all the rage for little girls these days. We have been doing lots of cake designs from the movie.

My co-workers and I are not complaining about it though. We’ve been having fun making the snowy scenes on cake.7491Frozen design 7756 frozen 7759 Frozen 7798 Frozen 7911frozen 7935 frozen

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Easter Show and Tell

We made a LOT of Easter Cakes this weekend.IMG_8162IMG_8161IMG_8157IMG_8154IMG_8151IMG_8149IMG_8142IMG_8186IMG_8185

Only one reflected the true spirit of this holiday.8158He is Risen

He is risen indeed!

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!

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