Book Report

In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution to read at least 12 books in 2017, I just finished Bird Droppings by Pete Dunne.bird-droppings

OK, I admit its a small book. Just 110 pages, but its a start. Right?

Bird Droppings is a collection of essays by leading birder Pete Dunne. It’s appeal is probably limited to other bird watchers. That means I found it a fun read.

My favorite chapter is “Lawn Flamingo”. The essay is written as if you could find Lawn Flamingos listed in a bird Field Guide.flamingo-essayBehavior: Distinctly sedentary, apparently capable of maintaining the same rigid posture indefinitely…

I have a pile of library books to choose my next read from. I haven’t decided which to start with.pile-of-books

One book, 13 day, I’m on course to get my goal of 12 in 2017 easily.

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Progress Report

I inventoried my freezer and pantry. I’m making progress at eating down the stock piles.

I had 6 pints of canned plums in the pantry. I ate some with lunch.canned-plums

I used one of the 19 jars of Oven-roasted Tomato sauce on a

I made a smoothy from an assortment of  assorted frozen fruit.smoothy

Making a batch of Chex Mix emptied a bag of Pretzels and a can of peanuts.nutpretzles

Previously I’d seen that I wasn’t going to get through a gallon of milk before it spoiled so I froze some of it. I used that to make chocolate pudding and topped it with Cool Whip also stashed in my freezer.choc-pud-milk-cool-whip

Not pictured is a Taco Salad that used up a portion of taco meet from the freezer. So I’m making a dent. I have yet to inventory my chest freezer. So I have a long way to go.

How are you doing on your resolutions?


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Sunday’s New Feature

It like my decorating days are coming to an end. The bakery is fully staffed with talented decorators so hopefully  services will be no longer needed. That means I will have fewer or no pictures to post on Sunday Cake & Tell.

I’m therefore inaugurating a new feature for Sundays.

As I study the Bible I  come across a lot of things that make me wonder about what is written. I’ve decided to bring you along as I post the questions that arise as I read and the explanations if I find them. Maybe you have the same thoughts as I, or can  explain the things that I am baffled by. We can learn from one another.

As you know I started reading Acts this week.

Acts 1.9-11 While they beheld, he was taken up;and a cloud recieved him out of their sight. And while they looked steadfastly towards heaven as he went up, behold two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, ye men of Galilee why stand ye gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.

My chronological Bible includes Mark 16.19, so after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was recieved up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.the-ascension-of-jesus-39614-mobile

It had never occured to me before that when the disciples watched Jesus asend into heaven they also saw the throne room of God.

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Quick and Tender Homemade Hamburger Buns

I know I said I wouldn’t be getting my 52 recipes from the internet but…

I usually buy burger buns, because they aren’t as filling as homemade bread. I like the ones with onion on top. img_7358I’ve been hoping to find for a recipe that will replicate that store bought texture.

Jami at An Oregon Cottage boasts such a recipe. So I chose it as the first of my 52 recipes.

I did just as Jami instructed but,  she just eye balled the size of her her buns, I portioned mine out to 3 3/8 oz. per bun. (next time I think I’ll make them a little smaller) I also dipped the top of the bun in instant onion flakes before baking.

Recipe evaluation:

It truly is a quick easy recipe. My onion flake idea doesn’t replicate the store bought ones. Most of my buns have too much onion and the onion is a little bitter.

To use the buns I made Salmon Burgers. Working on resolution #1 at the same time, I used a can of salmon from the pantry. img_7353salmon-burger

The following day I pulled a burger patty from the freezer, to make a Bacon Cheeseburger.img_7359-bacon-burger

If you’re looking for a hamburger bun recipe go check out Jami’s blog. These are REALLY good.

My next recipe will come from the Maine Jubilee Cookbook. I received this book from my pen pal when I was in Jr. High.

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The new year has brought several new “followers” to my blog.

I’m glad to have you and hope I live up to your expectations.


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Resolutions #6-9

#6 Read 12 books

12 books might not seem ambitious to you but I read very slowly. I suppose I have some degree of dyslexia. Thought  when I was in school dyslexia if it was known wasn’t addressed as it is these days. A story really has to grab my attention for me to finish the book. If not the plot drags, because of my slowness and I loose interest. I hope to exceed my goal of 12 books but one a month will be an improvement.I’m starting with Walk to Beautiful by Jimmy Wayne.walk-to-beautiful


#7 I have several unfinished sewing projects. Have I ever mentioned that I am easily distracted? I start one thing then jump to another all the time. I also buy fabric and patterns faster than I do the sewing. I hope the road to hell isn’t really paved with good intentions because if it is I’m in trouble. I have good intentions up to my eyeballs.

The first thing I am going to tackle is the pile of polar fleece that I intend to make into more hats for Seattle’s homeless.

#8 Try 52 new recipes

I’m in a food rut. I eat the same meals over and over. This resolution pairs nicely with #1 eat myself out of house and home. Specifically I am going to try to imcorporate more seafood in my diet. I’m going to try to get my recipes  from my collection of cook books. That way my post about the meals  won’t just bea repeat of something that is already on the web.

#9 Read the Bible chronalogically


I have read the Bible through every year for a long time. This year I want to change things up some. I want to study the New Testiment more deeply than I have in the past. I’m starting in the Book of Acts and gong to just proceed, not particularly setting a goal for completion.

Update (January 4th)the library book A Walk to Beautiful was due and I was only on page 70. I could not renew it because others were waiting for the book. I’ll check it out again sometime in the future.

I’m taking a load of my brother’s clothes to the Union Gospel Mission so I made seven hats today to add to the donate box.

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More about my resolutions

#4 Home repair and updates

When my brother passed he left his conciderable estate to the University of Washington and his (step) grandchildren. Some of his assets had no designated benificiary, so as his closest relitives my other brother, sister and I will recieve a nice inheritance from those assets. I don’t yet know a dollar amount but it will be enough for me to loosen up my purse strings.

new lighting2803My home hasn’t been updated since it was built in 1978. We’re talking popcorn cielings and burnt orange carpet. More importanantly some work needs to be done on the foundation.

This windfall is completely unexpected and I intend to donate a large sum to my favorite charities. “Freely you have recieved, freely give” While Jesus was talking about sharing the good news of the gospel when he said these words I still have a desire to show my gratitude for this money by using some of it to bless others. With the remainder I will take care of the home repairs and if there is still money I’ll get rid of the popcorn ceilings (among other things)

It’s strange how tastes change, I still remember the first time I saw a popcorn ceiling. A family I baby sat for had just moved into a new home. The first time I was in the house THE thing that impressed me most was the textured ceiling with its glittery sparkle. OK, I was only 16 at the time and easily impressed by bling. Now the textured ceiling is the first thing I want to change.

#5 Learn more about photography

I have signed up for online photography classes. Hopefully you will see the improvment as I learn.

Tomorrow I’ll continue to detail my 2017 goals. See you then.

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