Thrift Report

Just before Lou’s passing ( Thank you to all who posted condolence messages for me) I spent the day thrifting and came home with some timely purchases.haul

The hanging basket will replace this one.decrepit-hanging-bskt

I harvested the knobs off the faucet to replace my broken oneold-knob

Hardware store replacement knobs are $4.90 (for a single knob) I paid $2.99.


Recent sad days have been brightened by getting the opportunity to spend an hour and a half with two collie puppies. (sorry its not a better picture I needed one hand on the camera and the other to keep puppies from getting away so this is the only shot of both of them) One of these will become a time-share dog for my sister and myself on October 25th. I can hardly wait.puppies I need a puppy gate to protect my home and furnishings until she is trained. I found this walk through style gate for just $5.99 at Goodwill. Its $36.99 on Amazon. I was dog-sitting Sophia, she volunteered to demo the gate, but wasn’t real happy about being locked in the family room.sophia-demo

I used the hat in this pattern hat-patternand some polar fleece I already had (also from a thrift store of course)to make myself a new winter hat.hat

Our weather has turned wintery and its time to put my back porch to bed for the season. This job includes scrubbing the bird poop off the deck.13-99-deck-brush This long handled scrub brush will do the trick nicely. Retail price $13.99, I paid $1.

I have no specific use for the rope but I thought it was a wise investment at $2.

Have you found any great bargains at the Thrift stores lately? Tell us about it in the comments


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There’s been a death in the family

Just when you thought Frugal Spinster posts were coming on a regular basis,
Disaster strikes and upsets my schedule again.
My younger brother unexpectedly passed Saturday night.


Here he is last June playing chauffer for his grandson’s fends on Prom night

I’ll try to get back to blogging soon but right now its low priority.

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Tomato Sauce

Last year some time I decided I wanted to make my own tomato sauce. As a single person household I don’t need a lot at one time so I planned to preserve it in 1/2 pint jars.

This spring I planted three San Marzano plants, with the expectation of a BUMPER crop.

The plants grew well and have lots of tomatoesimg_6363

but you have to look deep inside to find the one and only ripe tomato.img_6364

Recently I was at the grocery store when I spotted the produce man removing spoiled vegetables. He told me they were going in the garbage. I offered to buy  all the tomatoes if he would mark them down. I  ended up paying 50/ pound and I only had to throw away 3 moldy tomatoes. Some of the packages were unsalable only because the tomatoes were squished.9-10-16-go

I had all the other ingredients on hand, including the jars, lids and rings which were all thrifted.


I’m still hoping for garden tomatoes but realistically I doubt they will ripen before our first frost which typically append in late October.

Next year I’ll get my plants in the ground earlier.

How’s your harvest going?


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Frugal DIY

When my father passed in 1995, my family decided to keep his 1990 pick-up truck in the family. This gives my siblings and I access to a truck for those times when a truck is needed.

I used the truck recently to do some hauling. When I got in I noticed that the rear view mirror was missing.tape-residue

Where it should have been was some tape residue where some other family member had attempted a frugal fix.

I made a stop at the local auto parts store and for a few dollars picked up a repair kit.schucks

After removing the stickum, I followed the easy directions and reattached the mirror.follow-direstionsimg_9599

In no time at all I was able to hit the road and get my hauling done.



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Honey Help

I use honey when I bake Honey-Oatmeal bread and when I make Granola. These two occasions are rather rare occurrences in my single lifestyle.

It is not uncommon for the honey to crystalize before I can use it.

Fortunately crystalized honey can easily be saved by heating it.

My problem was the heat to uncrystalize the honey would make the HONEY BEAR bottle shrivel. Besides not being able to stand up anymore I fear that melted  plastic will contaminate the honey.

So when I buy honey I immediately transfer it from the BEAR bottle to glass jars. They can easily be microwaved if I need to dissolve crystalized honey.img_8445




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BB8 not BBQ


As I mentioned I had to delete some old posts because my Free WordPress space was FULL.

Picture are the culprit my posts feature lots of photos and Sunday posts with cake picture are the majority of my problem. I frequently search the web for cake design ideas. I suspect that other decorators do the same thing, so I don’t want to delete those posts. heading forward I just won’t post cake pictures so often.

But it is Sunday and that is Cake Show & Tell day so here we go:

I had an order that asked for a BBQ deco Pac. Deco Pac is a company who makes plastic toys to embellish cake with. The barbeque toy is only about 3″ in size and it was going on an half sheet cake. To fill all that space I came up with this designimg_5883bbq

I was pretty pleased with the food items that I modeled out of fondant


corn on the cob




and burger patties

When the customer came for the cake tha sales girl brought it to me and pointed out that the order asked for BB8 not BBQ!, OOPS!

if you are not up on popular culture any more than I am you need to know that BB8 is a character in Star Wars. kaitlin

I don’t have a picture of the Star Wars cake after I quickly removed the BBQ design and transformed the surface of the cake to look like deep space I didn’t have time to photograph it. The customer who was none the wiser was waiting. They were told the cake isn’t quite finished yet.

This picture was done by one of the other decorators but gives you an idea of what the cake should have looked like but with BB8 not Darth Vaderimg_5613darth-v

I learned to read my orders more carefully.


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Same shopping trip, different project


on the left you see the inside of one pant leg, on the right you see the fading that took place in just one afternoon in the sun.

You may have noticed in the picture of things from  Deseret Industries were some drapery hold backs.img_5465

When I began line drying my clothes I learned an important lesson. The sun will bleach the clothes. This will work to your advantage if say you are line drying diapers, or to your disadvantage as in my case of my slacks


on the left you see the side of one pant leg, on the right you see the fading that took place in just one afternoon in the sun.

After that experience I never hung the dark clothes where they would be exposed to direct sunlight again.


hanging clothes on an electrical wire probably isn’t the best solution

So using the holdbacks and a dowel removed when I got new closet organizers, I came up with a better solution.img_5466

When not in use the dowel can be removed and the holdbacks are hardly noticeable. Who looks up at the ceiling?

As long as my drill was out I took the occasion to remove the stub of shelf bracket that had broken off in my pantry and was able to replace it with a new one.img_5468

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