Another thrift report

February 18, 2015 Value Village $4.42Glory-s shirpa


Glory (one of the dogs I walk) has nerve damage in her back. She can no longer walk. In September she got a “wheelchair”IMG_5681

She occasionally gets hung up 5286learning to maneuverbut for the most part she gets around great. Our daily walks used to be at least an hour long but she tires easily now and is ready to rest after about 15 minutes. Lola and I still want to walk so now I put Glory in her stroller and the three of us do our usual hour (or more) walk.  I thought Glory could use some extra padding so I used the Sherpa to make a mat for her stroller.

I just happened to have picked up some elastic a while back, at a thrift store of course.elastic_7362I sewed it to the corners of the Sherpa so it would cover the existing floor mat, but still allow the Velcro to grip the bottom of the stroller. finished corner7402nonshalaunt7403at first Glory seemed nonchalant about the new cushion, but I think she likes it.nice ride7407

February 18, 2015  Goodwill 80₵

I’ve probably said this before but it bares repeating. Goodwill has the best prices on Mason Jars 20 cents a piece. As of last December now qualify for a Senior discount. Wednesday is Sr. Discount Day so I got 5 jars for 80 cents.2-18-15 GW 80cents

2 jelly and 3 quart jars


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Easy $100

I have more “thrifty finds” to show you, but I want to tell you how I picked up an easy $100.

Greg and Susan are planning a major remodel of their home. So BIG that they won’t be able to live in the house while construction is going on.

The initial plan was to stay at a hotel during the remodel. They are both professionals and have plenty of money. That being said, who wants to add a hotel bill to the cost of the remodel?

Susan was poking around on eBay and saw a Airstream Bambi up for bid.

If her’s was the highest bid they could live in the Airstream instead of a hotel.

She  WON!

They will park the trailer on a concrete slab in their back yard. While the slab is being prepared they needed to park the trailer somewhere.

Susan offered me $100 to let her use my yard as RV storage for a few weeks. IMG_7265Which I gladly excepted.

That’s not all, she insisted I display her pink flamingos too.


I think they’d be happier in sunny Florida.

The trailer had previously been used as an office on a used car lot. The kitchen had never been cooked in. The shower had never been used. The beds had never been slept in.

After the remodel is complete they will list the Airstream on eBay again. They hope to get at least as much as they paid for it.

I don’t think they will have any problem as it is a limited edition 75th Anniversary model. Only 75 were produced.

Do you have a story of making money by doing nothing? Tell me in the comments.


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President’s Day Sales

Any holiday is reason enough to have a SALE at most thrift stores

February 16, 2015 President’s Day

St. Vincent de Paul $ 2.80

Everything Half Off!

2-16-15SVDPRubber duck soap dispenser 50₵

Missionary Biography 39₵

2 shirts from the 50₵ Bin

The shirts are going to the Union Gospel Mission

I usually rely on the public library for my reading material but, Missionary stories are one of my favorite genres of book and for 50₵, I decided to SPLURG.

duck & greenThe pump on my sage green dispenser broke a few months ago so I’ve been watching for a cheap replacement. The duck had the same sized cap and at 50₵ it was indeed a frugal fix.

2 dispencers @ sinkOnce again hand soap and dish detergent sit side by side in matching dispensers. Of course both of these dispensers came from second-hand stores.

Deseret Industries $1.92

2-16-15 DI $

D.I. NEVER has sales but their everyday prices are so reasonable that I don’t mind a bit.

Snow 75₵, Jar lifters 50₵ each.

Salvation Army $1.10

Everything Half Off!

2-16-15 Salvation Army

3 jelly jars $1.00

Shoreline Goodwill $6.52

President’s Day Sale, Blue tags 99₵, Pink and Green tags 40% off.2-16-15 GW

Pencil box (craft supply storage) 60₵, Mason jar 20₵, 6 Tissue packets (for donation to Men’s Mission) $1.19, 5 pair of summer sox 99₵, 3 yards of blue fabric 99₵. Be watching for a future post on what I intend to do with this fabric.

It’s difficult to see in the bottom right is two packages of peel & stick Name badges with birds on them. There were actually four packs of badges but only two had birds so I re-donated the other two. 50 badges 60₵.

bird badgesI give home canned goods, mostly jams & jellies as gifts. I got the badges so I can make canning labels from them, which look much nicer than just writing on the lid.

I hope you enjoy “shopping with me”

I work hard to not just bring stuff into the house and then never put it to use. Blogging hopefully inspires others but its the motivates I need to actually follow through with my plans. For instance because I had to show you how the name tags became labels, I actually got around to labeling my canned goods.

Do you find yourself buying it more and using it less or do you only buy what you need?

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Show & Tell Sunday

butterfly cookies7130 7133 butterfly 7144cougar mountain IMG_7124julia lein

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Afrugalspinster’s Thrift store finds

Feb. 7, 2015 St Vincent de Paul-  $2.722-7-15 SVdP $2.72

50₵ Bin: PJs, Tee shirt, Red turtle neck sweater, Storage box 50₵, Sage green bowl 50₵

Blue has been my lifelong favorite color. Over the past 5 years or so I’ve found myself attracted to sage green in many situations. Sadly this bowl was not good quality dinnerware and the first washing produced a tiny chip and after the second washing I found a larger chip missing from the bowls rim.

Now you see a pair of PJ bottoms,PJ bottoms

Now you see a pair of hats. deer hats

The plastic box was just right for storing my for punchesI kept the red turtleneck sweater for myself and donated the tee shirt to UGM along with the hats.

Feb. 7, 2015 Goodwill $3.542.7.15 GW $3.54

3 qt. jars & 5 jelly jars $1., Jar lifter 69₵, Loon coasters 99₵

February 7, 2015 Jubilee REACH Thrift Store & Furniture Bank $1.302-7-15 Jubilee Reach $1.30

Flannel fabric 99₵, Loon mug 50₵ .

Just making my purchase I noticed a small chip or a manufactures flaw, I was debating whether to get it or not when they offered it to me at half price and I took it.

Now my loon mug can sit on a loon coaster

Two of my friends will be giving birth this spring. I don’t have specific plans yet but that’s why I picked up the flannel.  LOON coaster & mug

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Thrift store finds continue

January 22, 2015, Heaven Sent $10.941-22-15 heaven sent $10.94 Bookshelf

I could have waited for better quality, this one is veneer over partical board and/or lower price, it cost $10. but I had been looking for some time for a shelf to keep my appliances on.IMG_7210

The best thing is not having my mixer on the top shelf. I’m getting too old for that kind of lifting.IMG_7213

January 28, 2015  Goodwill $1.281-28-15-GW $1.28  Three mugs for my “Bird” mug collection. I’m especially happy to find this oneNew Hampshire souvinier

I may have found and purchased it in Washington but I’ll always consider it a souvenier from my New Hampshire vacation. It replaces this one that I did actually buy in NH but it’s not as souveniery.orig.NH Mug

January 28, 2015  Goodwill $11.671-28-15 GW $11.67

Mariner Logo Polar fleece, Tan heather turtleneck, 2 mason Jars, Canning Cook book, Bread book BH&G BooksI have quite a collection of BH&G cookbooks. I’ve enjoyed every recipe I’ve tried from them.

Frugal Girl often shares recipes on her blog that come from the 1973 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Bread Book. I already own the 1979 edition but because of her recommendation I’ve been looking for the 1973 edition for several years and am so happy to have finally found it.

The Canning book and jars will go in my next Canning Kit.

The principle behind a turtleneck is that the snug fitting neckline traps your body heat to keep you warm and toasty. I bought a heather tan turtleneck years ago but I’ve been disappointed with it because the neck was too floppy so it wasn’t doing its job well. Before purchasing this one I made sure the neckline would fit snuggly.

The polar fleece is for more hats.

January 28, 2015  Goodwill $6.991-28-15 GW$6.99 Mini first aid kits & Polar fleece

First aid is for UGM and look how well the touquise polar fleece goes with the Mariners print I picked up earlier.mariners hats

January 29, 2015  Goodwill $2.751-29-15 GW $2.75

I was down to one glue stick so I’m glad to have found these second hand before I had to go out a purchase them at retail, which would be twice as much. I don’t currently have a “plan” for the fancy scissors but I’m sure they will be useful somewhere down the line.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. See you then.










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More thrifted goodies

January 17, 2015 Value Village $4.36 IMG_6890 Tooth brushes and Hair brushespurple brush

I didn’t get a good picture of the problem but, my round hairbrush has lost so many of the plastic nobs at the ends of the bristles that is is downright painful to style my hair. I picked this purple hairbrush up years ago at Value Village. It was new in the package.

So I’ve been watching for another such deal to come my way.

These brushes were not new but they appeared to be high quality and very lightly used. The round one has a $13. Price tag on it.

I know used hairbrushes have a very high ICK factor, but I considered that beautions use the same brushes on all clients. They must be cleanable and disinfectable.cleaned  brush

I found lots of hairbrush cleaning tutorials on-line and I’m satisfied that the brush is now safe to use.

The tooth brushes are for donating.

January 17, 2015  Goodwill $2.18IMG_6878


I placed this in the plug behind the sofa in my family room. Now I don’t have to move the sofa to use that outlet.

January 17, 2015 Goodwill $8.80IMG_6887 

Canning Funnel, Fancy edge scissors, Adhesive dots, Long underwear top, crayons, tissue packets, canning jars

If you read yesterdays post you know why I’m collecting canning supplies.

I used the scissors and dots making lables for a fundraiser for Eco Cubs.

I’m saving the crayons for Trick or TREATS.

We’ve been having a mild winter but I’m still getting plenty of use from my long underwear.

January 17, 2015  Value Village $4.37scrapbook paper

Scrapbook paper

Also used for the Eco Cubs lables

January 19, 2015 Saint Vincent de Paul $2.761-29-15 svdp $2.73

2 tee shirts, Polar fleece jacket, Storage tray,

The clothes go to Union Gospel Mission.

99C Tray7063The 99₵ storage tray helped me turn this:

into this:  After7070


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