Food Waste Friday

I did it again…

I pulled leftover shrimp fried rice from the freezer and then let it sit in the fridge until it was too late.FWF fried rice

It was not visibly spoiled, it didn’t even smell bad, but I had an unexpected house guest last week and she supplied me with lots of groceries. (hopefully none of them will show up in future FWF posts). We ate meals from the groceries she provided. The fried rice has been in the fridge for at least a week and though I’ll eat just about anything I couldn’t bring myself to eat old seafood.

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Animal Cake Show & Tell

caterpillar cow giraffe print owl stamp pink owls rabbit unicorn

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Mother’s Day Show & Tell

I wish all you mothers the best. My part-time job at the bakery has been more like full time this week. One of my co-workers coined a new saying; “Mother’s Day is the new Christmas” We had 90 orders on Saturday and another 69 on Sunday. Sadly there isn’t a lot of creativity expressed on Mother’s Day. All Mother’s Day cake look very similar.  They are decorated with Roses or spring flowers. IMG_8719 IMG_8724 IMG_8728 IMG_8734IMG_8720 IMG_8726IMG_8697 IMG_8699 IMG_8700

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Food Waste Friday

With inspiration from Kristen the Frugal Girl, I’ve gotten to the place where my


posts are few and far between. In fact it was August of 2014 that I last reported any food waste.

My waste today isn’t spoiled but it’s been in the freezer for months and although I ate most of it, I just couldn’t bring myself to eat  the last two servings. It doesn’t taste bad, it just doesn’t taste good.

I tried feeding it to Glory but she feels the same way about it.IMG_8625

So down the drain with two containers of Pumpkin Soup.IMG_8636

Do you track your food waste?

If so how are you doing?

Oh, by the way if any of you have a tasty pumpkin soup recipe, please share it with me.

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Baby Shower Show and Tell

IMG_83177896fondant flower baby cake 7898buggy & fondant flowers IMG_7992 IMG_8146 IMG_8251Do you have a favorite?

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Wild and Free

Free is always frugal.

There’s nothing better than free food.

I was reading another blog, a commenter mentioned Dandelion jelly. That very afternoon, as I walked the dogs, I also collected dandelions . dandelions for jelly    Later that evening I made jelly.IMG_8430Another day I was walking Glory, when I noticed puff balls growing on the neighborhood school play field.puff balls on fieldGrowing on the field where children play every day meant many of them had been stepped on, there weren’t as many as it first appeared.puff balls

I only collected a small handful.omlett makings

There was enough to chop uppuff ball omlette

to put in an omelet. Mmmm, delicious!

Do you forage for food?

What do you find? (include where you live, please)

I’m looking forward to berry season when I can pick wild , Salmon and black berries and Oregon grape for more jams.

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Freezer Inventory

I’ve had a terrible time keeping track of what’s in my small chest freezer (as well as the freezer compartment in my refrigerator) and using it up in a timely fashion. Its so easy for it to be forgotten, “out of sight out of mind”.

Hating food waste as I do, I’ve made several attempts to track what goes in and what comes out but with very limited success.

Recently I devised an inventory method that is working for me.

As you know,I make family sized recipes and then freeze the leftovers.

chow mein for freezer

I put a masking tape label on each serving.freeze

Then I make a note with the title, date and number of portions.intentory

Each time I eat one of the portions I remove the masking tape and stick it to the note. I have tried checking off each portion as I used it but sometime I forgot, sometimes I checked it off when I pulled it from the freezer AND when I actually ate it. By using the masking tape labels that HAVE to be removed when I wash my storage containers, it has become a habit to move the sticker to the note and then I KNOW that portion is used up.IMG_clipped on fridge

The notes hang on my fridge door using a magnetic clip.

Do you have a method for organizing your freezer?

Please, leave a comment and tell me how you do it.

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