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Freezer Inventory

I’ve had a terrible time keeping track of what’s in my small chest freezer (as well as the freezer compartment in my refrigerator) and using it up in a timely fashion. Its so easy for it to be forgotten, “out of sight … Continue reading

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Corn Crusted Chicken Turnovers

Yesterday’s post told how I used leftover chicken meat to make Corn-crusted Chicken Turnovers. I thought you may be interested in trying them for yourselves. I’ve had the recipe for years. It was in Sunset magazine back in the late 70s or early … Continue reading

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That’s how many meals I got from 1 roasted chicken. Day 1’s Dinner:Roast chicken with rice stuffing, cinnamon carrots, cole slaw. Day 2 Lunch: Chicken Panini Dinner: Leftover chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots Day 3 dinner: Corn-crusted Chicken and … Continue reading

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Follow up to Yesterday’s Post

Look closely… did you notice it now?  the H in happy isn’t crossed, but like I said it was repaired before the customer picked up the cake. No harm done.

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Cake Show & Tell

A number of cakes: One Three Four Six Nine Twelve FiftySeventy Eighty One !Did you catch the error? Let me know in the comments if you see it. FYI it was discovered in the photographing and fixed before the customer … Continue reading

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Comming Soon

A new Goodwill store is opening. I will pass by it every time I go to work. Coincidentally it shares a parking lot with MY bank branch. I will now have two thrift stores that are right along my daily route. … Continue reading

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It never hurts to ask

I stopped at Value Village to see if I could find some new (to me) sweat pants. I found two identical pair. Identical that is except for the color. One was gray the other black. Then I looked at the … Continue reading

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Five Frugal Things

Following the example of Katy the Non-consumer Advocate, I’m doing a “Five Frugal Things” post where I list 5 things I did today that can be classified as frugal. 1. I worked an extra shift for a co-worker who had a dental … Continue reading

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Show & Tell Sunday

The many cake shows on TV have led to the popularity of tiered birthday cakes for children. As a frugal spinster I can’t see spending hundreds of dollars on cake. But it means job security, I’m not complaining.

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Shopping Trip Dilemmas

I planed to make a roast chicken with stuffing the other day. I needed to  run to the store for onion, and celery for the stuffing. My shopping list also had strawberries on it. I grow my own strawberries but I’ve used … Continue reading

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