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Holiday Chia Collection

Christmas is the only holiday I have seen commemorated with its own Chia collection. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price on Chia Pets start at $15.99 so a thrift store is a good place to shop if you plan to give one … Continue reading

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It all began with the clothes line I set up as a prop on the Oregon Trail (see July 28th post ) Can any of you fellow bloggers explain how to make a link back to a previous post? Rather … Continue reading

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Yellow Thingy Refashion

oops!! I made a mistake scheduling my posts. This one was supposed to be right after the “What is it? post I used  the yellow vinyl to make a doll raincoat Visit again tomorrow for the story behind this slicker.

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What is it?

Once again it’s time for another round of that exciting Thrifting game… What is it? Where I find an unusual looking item at the thrift store and submit a picture to see if any of my readers can identify the item. … Continue reading

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Upcycled Doll Clothes

To keep my expenses down I’ve been making the doll clothes from thrifted garments. Most of them from the 50¢ bin at St. Vincent de Paul. I have discovered that there are lots of American Girl type doll clothes for sale … Continue reading

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