What is it?

Once again it’s time for another round of that exciting Thrifting game…

What is it? Where I find an unusual looking item at the thrift store and submit a picture to see if any of my readers can identify the item.

I was checking out my neighborhood St. Vincent de Paul store’s monthly ½ off sale and came across this.yellow thingy

It’s basically a 6’ long triangle, the open end is 24” wide, there is a 24” zipper in the side seam, the narrow end is about 8” wide and is rounded. It’s made of bright yellow vinyl. One last interesting detail; there is a LONG cord attached to the zipper pull.

It had no label or price tag.

I took it to the register to get a price quote.

The clerk asked “what is it?”

A nearby shopper stated “I don’t know but there are several of them over there”

Another shopper called out “a Banana”

I was quoted $2.99, which made the sale price $1.50.

Leave me a comment saying what you think it is.

Visit again tomorrow and I’ll show you why I bought it.

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2 Responses to What is it?

  1. Ruby Julian says:

    It looks for all the world like a waterproof ironing board cover, but that’s such a silly idea. 🙂 Surfboard bag? Raincoat for crutches? You have me stumped!

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