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I found a new Thrift Store

After delivering a wedding cake to a rural community I was headed  to a neighboring community with a Goodwill Store. Along my route I spied this sign. To my delight they were having a storewide Half Price Sale. Fabulously Frugal … Continue reading

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Book Report #2

I browse the book shelves while I’m thrifting. I seldom purchase books. I know from past experiences that book collecting can get out of hand. I do see things that I’d like to read, then I check the book out of … Continue reading

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Home Tweet Home

I’ve been wanting to put up  a bird house on my property. I came across this craft box at Deseret Industries $2.00. Its the kind of box you might find at a craft store intended to be painted or embellished … Continue reading

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My plans for the thrift store finds- Part 2

For years I have been collecting ornaments. I am very specific about the collection. They must be (at least somewhat) realistic looking birds in flight or with a clip on them so they can perch. This wren fit the bill Here … Continue reading

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Dark-eyed Juncos

I left my sliding door open while I was doing this & that both in the house and in the back yard.  I walked in and heard baby bird cheeping in my kitchen. On closer inspection I found 2 baby … Continue reading

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Wild and Free

Free is always frugal. There’s nothing better than free food. I was reading another blog, a commenter mentioned Dandelion jelly. That very afternoon, as I walked the dogs, I also collected dandelions .     Later that evening I made jelly.Another day I was … Continue reading

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There is something SO wrong with this

I have fond memories of late nights around a dimming camp fire, small tree branch whittled to a sharp point suspending marshmallows over the glowing embers, chocolate bar and graham cracker waiting nearby. When the golden blisters on the marshmallow are just … Continue reading

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