Happy 2015

I spent the first day of the new year doing two of my favorite things; birding and thrifting. I joined a group of fellow birders this morning at 8AM. We spent the day birding Marymoor Park. The weather was sunny but COLD. I piled on lots of layers so I could spend the day outside. Boots, hat, mittens, long johns, polar fleece, turtleneck, you name it I had it on. The only thing that wasn’t warm was my feet and they eventually warmed up too.

If your interested in what we saw you can see the report on Ebird


On my way home I stopped at three thrift stores. Two that are off my beaten path and the St. Vincent de Paul that is just down the street from my house.

At the first store I came up empty.

My stop at Goodwill was more fruitful.

1-1-15 GW $5.02

I’ll give the cookie cutter set to my three year old friend on her next birthday.

I’ll donate the deodorant to  homeless shelter.

Next time I go birding on a cold day I’ll put the foot warmers in my boots.

Though I don’t have specific need at this minute I’ll eventually put the canning jars and baggies to good use.

Then my last stop for the day was St. Vincent de Paul.

1-1-15 SVdP $3.79

The two shirts are also going to the men’s mission.

I’ll use the jelly jar next summer when I’m making jam.

I use the pencil boxes to store craft supplies.

Eyewitness Book of Birds in really a children’s book but I may learn something from it and/or I’ll use it as a visual aid when I give a “bird talk” at the elementary school where I volunteer.

When I got home from thrifting I stripped my bed, flipped the mattress and did a couple of loads of laundry. I must say the first half of my day was more fun but I may feel differently tonight when I snuggle down in my freshly changed bedding.


I hope your new year is also off to a good start. Leave me a comment telling me what you did.

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