Show & Tell Sunday is back

While I was recovering from my fractured wrist, I went back to work on “light duty” My first assignment was to conduct wedding consultations. As a decorator I occasionally do consultations but for the most part they are handled by the sales staff.

A couple came to me with a unique idea: The bride told me, “John is from Chicago and I was raised in San Francisco, and we met here in Seattle. We’re thinking of somehow incorporating that idea into our reception theme.”

Instantly images began swirling in my head. We decided on a design that would feature the skylines of each city.

Fortunately the wedding was far enough off that I was back to decorating by their wedding date and got to create the cake for them myself.

For Chicago-

chacago5613 chacago_5612

They requested the Sears tower, the “Bean”, Ferris wheel, the Diamond building, and draw bridge

For San Francisco

SF_5611  5626victorian homes

The Golden Gate Bridge, and Victorian homes, but no Alcatraz. (I hope you know what Alcatraz is. Most people I told about it didn’t, that made me feel so OLD)


 5624Mt. Rainier  5623 spaceneedle & ferry

Mt Rainier, Space Needle, the Smith Tower, Safeco Field and a ferry.

It all came together nicely.

5645 john & Julia Hrvatim

Julia was actually from a small town outside of SF that has a very distinct looking water tower. So when the 3 tiered cake wasn’t enough to serve all their guests they added a half sheet cake with her family home and the water tower airbrushed on it.

5644water tower

One of my co-workers did the ½ sheet cake.


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