Thrifty Third Thursday

February 2012

Its February 23rd, on the third Thursday of each Month the Frugal Spinster has a feature where I show off all the frugal finds from the previous month. Oops!! I’m a week late the 16th was the 3rd Thursday. Well, that just means that I have lots to show you. 

If I have time I use Mondays as Thrifting days. I can shop at one or more of the many secondhand stores within a reasonable distance from home. Besides that anywhere my activities take me, if there is time, I include a thrifting stop in the itineraty.

One day I was out delivering Wedding cakes one Saturday. I had an hour and a half between stops, what better way to kill time than perusing Goodwill?


Different thrift stores appeal to me in different ways. Goodwill gets high marks for selling all mason jars for 20 cents each.  I’m accumulating a collection of half pint or smaller mason jars. I’m going to try canning summer produce in individual serving portions.


One Monday at my neighborhood St Vinney’s I purchased a pair of NIP (new in package) riding gloves that I intend to use as a birthday gift in April. I found similar ones on the internet that sell for $14.99

The pattern was only 19 cents. I plan to make some of the star shaped pillows for the day bed on my back porch.

I then made stops at two Goodwill Stores. I spent over $20 dollars at the first one. That’s so unusual for me, but I think I got some good stuff. Two bags of cookie cutters, one was $1.99 the other $3.99.  I’ll pick out the best ones to add to my collection, and then redonate the rest.ImageImage

A tripod for my camera, I looked it over pretty good before leaving the store but I didn’t put my camera on it. When I tried using it at home I found that if the camera is at an angle it won’t stay put because the clamp thing is missing. I’ll take it back. Thank goodness for their return policy which is another reason to like Goodwill.

I bought a roll of striped gift wrap- good for any occasion 99¢

6 yards of white fabric. The white on white floral design doesn’t show up in the picture. I plan to make myself a summer dress with it. $1.99

A quart sized vintage canning jar. Just because it looked cool. 20¢

A decorative wire shelf & hook unit, for the back porch after I do a little DIY to it. $1.29

A Framed botanical print, $1.00 I bought this for the frame only. I have a frameless piece of Chinese art one of my co-workers gave to me. I’ve been waiting for the right frame to come along since my birthday in December.


Be watching for a Frugal Framing Tutorial, coming soon to afrugalspinster.


On another occasion I found a  pattern to make polar fleece hats 50¢ anda NIP roll of first aid tape 99¢. Always good to have on hand.  It retails for $3.99. 

I had to deliver a cake to Evergreen Hospital on the 26th of January so while I was at Totem Lake I stopped at Value Village and Eastside Aid. The only thing I bought was a 35¢ spool of thread.


On January 30th I returned the tripod to Goodwill. While I was there I found some pencils, a blouse pattern, (its really a pajama pattern but I’m going to use it to make a blouse) and a water bottle, they were each 99cents. Another jelly jar for my collection was 20 cents. Since I returned the tripod I got $3.14 back.Image

On Seattle Union Gospel Mission’s website is a list of items they are in need of. Whenever I find something from that list I pick it up to donate to them.School supplies are on that list, so I’ll give them the pencils .  

There is a church run thrift store a few blocks down the road from Goodwill so I stopped there and only found a cute napkin ring. It is similar to a set of 4 I already have and only cost 49 cents. When I got to the check out I saw this sign Image

My resolve to not purchase any more cookie cutters evaporated and I went back and got a set of alphabet cutters and one that is truck shaped. Together they cost 75 cents. Image

See the two napkin rings side by side. The new one will fit right in.


On another cake delivery I drove past a Value Village on my way back to the bakery. There I found a pair of Mary Jane style Crocs $2.99. I also picked up a queen sized fleece blanket for $7.99. Even though I now sleep on a full sized bed I still use the twin blankets dating back to when I was living with my parents. Its about time to replace them don’t you think? I like the fact that this new blanket is big enough to have plenty to tuck in.Image

At Goodwill I found all these toothbrushes for $3.98. They will go to UGM too.


On Feb 9th I went to my neighborhood St. Vincent and got a dove ornament and a package of gingerbread gift boxes . You already know about the dove from my frugal fix post last week. I will use the gift boxes for my Gingerbread man obsessed friend.Image

There is a relatively new store a few miles north of me whose proceeds aid victims of domestic violence. When I checked them out I picked up a white bowl, 99 cents, I’ll use it for photographing food. He doesn’t show up well in this picture but to the right of the bowl is a cast iron frog $2.99. I will add him to the menagerie on my back porch


Nearby is a Goodwill  more jelly jars and a $1 flashlight (for my emergency kit)


On the 13th of February I really splurged. As soon as I walked into Value Village I saw this sweater  for $7.99. That’s way more than I usually pay for any item of clothing. But it is so cute. When I got home I looked it up on line and saw that Lands End sells it for $79.99. That made me feel better.

I also purchased two tiny bird figurines, 99 cents. A storage box was also 99 cents. The mesh shower shoes will be a gift for a friend who has plans to travel abroad. Image

The same day I got some polar fleece and a pair of school scissors, I’ll make winter hats out of the fleece and give them and the scissors to UGM. $3.99 & 99 cents.Image

Grand total this month $60.95.

Did you purchase any frugal finds at second hand stores this month?

Please tell me about it.

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