“Eat Myself Out of House & Home” Progress Report #3

December 31, 2011 I resolved to “eat myself out of house and home” in 2012.
I have a bad habit of not keeping track of the foodstuff I purchase and it just accumulates in my storage areas.
I’ve made the same resolution in years past so this time I thought it would help if public accountability were a factor. Hence the reason I began the blog AFRUGALSPINSTER.
We’re almost at the quarter mark of 2012 and unfortunately I have more than three quarters of my original stockpile still in the pantry.
I was going strong the first few weeks but I have lost momentum. Hopefully this progress report will get me going again.

I made up a package of rice-a roni and added some leftover chicken. I have a few less raisins thanks to this carrot-raisin salad. (I’ve also been eating them in my granola.)

I finished off both bags of bagels.

I used some imitation crab and a can of corn to make crab soup. That gave me an opportunity to eat some of the oyster crackers too.

I flavored some homemade yogurt with Blueberry Pie filling.

I used some of the brown rice and a packet of Teriyaki mix to make Chicken Teriyaki.

I made up a recipe I call Chicken Parmesan, only because it included all the major ingredients of “Chicken Parmesan”

Serving it with a vegetable took care of a can of corn.

What can be tastier than graham cracker-frosting sandwiches? Unless its sandwiches made with Chocolate Graham crackers.

I used a can of Cream of Mushroom soup to make Chicken Divan. One of my favorite casseroles.

I used a can of crushed pineapple in my red cabbage slaw. And I used up a cup of cornmeal making homemade corn dogs. I washed the casual meal down with not so casual sparkling Peach juice.

Another can of Mushroom soup and a can of green beans went into Frankfurter Crown Casserole

I’ve eaten enough green salads lately that I used up the open bottle of Catalina dressing.

Here is my inventory with the things I’ve used up marked off.
Dry Goods Drawer
2 bags of croutons 1 opened, 1 one unopened
open can of cashew pieces
6 oz pkg Lime Jello
open bag of pretzels
open bag of egg noodles
full bag of lentils
full bag of Chocolate chips
open bag of macaroni shells
open bag of Oyster Crackers
open bag og Craisins
7 otter pops one is leaky
Beef stroganoff sauce mix
2- 6 cube packages of Chicken Bouillon
6.9 oz box of Chicken flavored rice mix
open box of brown rice pasta Fettuccini
open bag of penne pasta
open bag of Chow mein noodles
4- pkgs 3 pkgs. of spaghetti sauce mix
3- packages of Chili Seasoning mix
1 package of Teriyaki Sauce mix
1 package Italian Salad dressing mix
1 package Ranch dressing mix
Canned vegetables-
2 3 cans julienne beets
Kidney beans
3 cans green beans
Water chestnuts
5 cans diced tomatoes
2 cans mushrooms
2 cans sauerkraut

2 pkg Raman noodles-chicken
1 can Tomato soup
9 cans 6 cans cream of mushroom
6 cans cream of chicken
1 can cream of celery

1 2 cans tuna
1 can smoked salmon
6 4cans pink salmon

1 can Fruit cocktail
1 2 cans cherry pie filling
1 can blueberry pie filling
1 2- little plastic lemon juice
1 can pineapple -chunks
1 can pineapple – crushed
6 cans peaches
6 cans mandarin oranges
7 8 cans black olives

Home canned foods-
10 9 half-pints applesauce
3 2 quarts pickles
12 pints blackberry jam
1 pt whole tomatoes
1 pt. Tomato sauce

2 1boxes wheat chex
2 boxes rice chex
2 1 boxes corn chex
11 12 raisin bran-

Quick oats
Old-fashioned oats
Granulated Sugar
All Purpose flour
Brown Sugar

Salad dressings & Condiments-
Miracle Whip
2- Raspberry Vinegarette
1 Italian dressing
1 BBQ sauce
1 Catalina dressing

Sparkling peach juice
Sparkling apple cider
2 1 Non-dairy creamer
100 tea bags

6 pk Bud Lite (and I don’t drink but I found these stashed while I was walking the dog and couldn’t resist the urge to spoil some teen’s plans to party in the woods)

Chocolate Graham crackers
2- rye crisp
3- saltine crackers
Nacho chips

2 shakers of grated parmesan cheese
3-2 Raspberry Syrup
2 sweetened condensed milk
2 pkg ice cream cones
5 lbs powdered sugar
Pan spray
Dog food
Dog treats
3 buttermilk powder
#10 can Hersheys Chocolate syrup

Dry Goods
2 pkg spaghetti
Small red beans
Split peas

strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, pineapple, and coconut.
chopped peppers, chopped onion, snap peas, spinach, mushrooms, corn, and pumpkin.
bleu cheese crumbles, swiss, parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar, and half a tub of sour cream Meats-
kilbasa, flounder portions, imitation crab meat, salt pork, chicken thighs, taco meat portions, veggie burger patties, and hamburger patties.
bagels, burger buns, and a loaf of poteca (slovic christmas bread)
Baking Supplies-
butter, walnuts, rye flour, wheat germ, yeast and poppy seeds.
french onion soup, bean with bacon soup, chili, baked beans, ham & spinach casserole and roast beef .

If you have any suggestions how I can use any of the stuff still on the list please let me know.

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4 Responses to “Eat Myself Out of House & Home” Progress Report #3

  1. Linda Wirth says:

    Melted chocolate chips and chow mein noodles make wonderful haystack cookies and no baking.

  2. Those graham cracker sandwich cookies sure look good 😉

  3. birdlybird says:

    I love the photos. Seeing what you are making is really interesting. I’m enjoying your blog – backtracking through the archives 🙂

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