Thrifting Report

I have only one thrift store purchase to show.

A shiny new loaf pan for the bread making kit I’m putting together.

This presents a dilemma for me that I’ll ask you for input on tomorrow.

For the most part I don’t care for Garage sales.

From my personal experience,it takes a lot of time & gas to drive from sale to sale often finding nothing that interests me. there is an up side- generally I can get better buys at garage sales.

Even though I prefer to do my thrifting at second hand stores some times those roadside signs lure me in. Such was the case this past week.

I’ve found: 

An individual serving corning ware casserole dish. (They had three but the other two were chipped)Five air fresheners for my car. I never felt these were necessary until I started walking Glory & Lola. Those two can leave the van pretty stinky.

 This book will be a gift.

Lastly this basket will be used for a gift basket of homemade jams & jellies.

Which do you prefer, Garage/Yard Sales or thrift stores?

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