How a FRUGAL Spinster stretches a pork roast

rawI recently found pork loin on sale for $2.99/lb.

I bought a 1.62 pound roast. $4.84

My plan included pork fried rice so first off I started a batch of bean sprouts.

mung beans

I used my crock pot to cook the roast, after I applied a herb rub.with rubThat evening’s dinner menu:

Pork roast, apple sauce, lime chiffon salad, oven roasted potatoes and green beans.pork mealI saved the juices from the crock pot to use laterdrippings

I set aside a few slices in some BBQ sauce.

BBQThe next couple of days I had pork sandwiches for lunchsandwichI froze my leftover roast until the bean sprouts were ready sproutsto make fried rice. After dinner I froze 5 portions of fried rice to eat as leftovers later. fried rice

I used the last of my fried rice leftovers to make Oriental Ramen. ramen makingsoriental ramenI pulled the BBQ pork from the freezer to make my last meal, a BBQ pork sandwichBBQ SandwichI feel good about getting 12 meals from my roast (and, for the most part, ingredients I already had in the pantry or the freezer)

I averaged 40 cents of roast per meal and it was all DELICIOUS!



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