Drywall Repair Part 2

Yesterday I told about discovering mice were entering my house through a hole in the drywall under my sink. Today you’ll see how I DIYed the patch job. I don’t claim that the way I did it is the right way, just that its how I made do with what was available to me and cost $0.00.

In my garage I had scraps of drywall and spackling paste.supplies & tools

While spackling paste can patch small holes, it wasn’t going to do on this project. So I called another DIYer she gave me the proper supplies.more supplies

I cut my drywall to size with a 2″ margin. Snapped the drywall and peeled it back to leave that 2 inches of paper hanging off the edges. This became my “drywall tape”.leave paper

I made the patch in 2 sections one fitting under the pipes and one over (My pipe cutouts ended up bigger than I intended because I didn’t “measure twice, cut once”)dry fit

I just stuffed more mud into those gaps.

This was a very uncomfortable position to work in. (no wonder plumbers cost so much, they get paid for pain and suffering) In the cramped quarters I couldn’t get the “Mud” on nice and smooth, but I did get the patch in place.


It’s not PRETTY

but here is the final result.silver 90

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1 Response to Drywall Repair Part 2

  1. Louise Henderson says:

    Pretty doesn’t necessarily count here. The fact that it’s fixed and fixed by you yourself does. Congratulations! I don’t think I would have even tried this.

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