Progress Report

I inventoried my freezer and pantry. I’m making progress at eating down the stock piles.

I had 6 pints of canned plums in the pantry. I ate some with lunch.canned-plums

I used one of the 19 jars of Oven-roasted Tomato sauce on a

I made a smoothy from an assortment of  assorted frozen fruit.smoothy

Making a batch of Chex Mix emptied a bag of Pretzels and a can of peanuts.nutpretzles

Previously I’d seen that I wasn’t going to get through a gallon of milk before it spoiled so I froze some of it. I used that to make chocolate pudding and topped it with Cool Whip also stashed in my freezer.choc-pud-milk-cool-whip

Not pictured is a Taco Salad that used up a portion of taco meet from the freezer. So I’m making a dent. I have yet to inventory my chest freezer. So I have a long way to go.

How are you doing on your resolutions?


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