My Sedum Planter

yakima mktAfter seeing this in the garden section at my neighborhood produce stand, I was inspired to do something like it for my own yard.
For months I looked for a hen figurine.
I was a lot like Goldilocks in the 3 bears house.
$6.99 chicken @ VVThis one at Value Village was too big, not waterproof and at $6.99 more than I was willing to pay.
$4.099 chicken from VVAnother Value Village find this one was too exotic looking and at $4.99 still more than I was willing to spend.
$1.00 deseretI came across this one at Deseret Industries for $1.00 the price was right but I wanted something more colorful.
$2.99 GOODWILLchicken #1The same goes for this spotted hen going for $2.99 at Goodwill. I do like that she is sheltering a baby chick though.$1.99 SVDPThis little box, I found at St. Vincent de Paul, also features both mother hen and her chick. At $1.99, it was within my budget, but, in the end I ruled it as too small.
50 cents deseret2513Finally I spotted this cute chicken at Deseret Industries for only 50¢.
Sedum planterI decided she was JUST RIGHT!

The four varieties of sedum in my collection also reflect my frugal ways. Some were cuttings/divisions from family & friends’ gardens. The others I purchased at a garage sale, I got them for 50 cents (I think), but, they were looking like death warmed over. One is still struggling to survive, but I hope it will eventually fill in the bare dirt. The planter itself was from a roadside FREE pile. I’m pleased with my frugal project, total out-of-pocket cost $1.00. Much better than $2.49 each for the plants.Copy of yakima mktWhich chicken do you like best? Do you think I made a good choice?

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6 Responses to My Sedum Planter

  1. Cute, very cute! I was at TOP Foods a couple of weeks ago and I laughed over their sedum/succulent bowls. I have so much sedum in my yard, I hardly need to pay $10.95 for a terra cotta bowl of them! I like your $1 version much better.

    • I too marvel at what people will pay, it’s not like sedum is difficult to start or hard to come by (those who have extablished plants are always willing to divide and share them). It just takes patience to get a nice looking crop and I guess that’s what costs $10 instant gratification.

  2. I would have bought the one chicken lacking color and painted it, but you finally found a perfect one. Me I wouldn’t have the patience to keep looking. It turned out nicely and was a much better bargain.

    • I did really like the look of the spotted hen but she was $2.99 and then I’d have to purchase at least a couple of jars of paint…. suddenly it wouldn’t be such a frugal idea after all.

  3. I have a chicken figurine collection. Love these. Glad you found one to work for you.

  4. Sandy says:

    Am looking to frugal-ize my life and love your site. As to the hens, I have to admit that I was partial to the 1.00 one you said wasn’t colorful enough.

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