Remember this Waste Basket?


I said I intended to give it to a second-hand store. Well, before it got there I found another purpose for it.

My home is a three bedroom rambler, there is no basement, but there is a crawl space under the house.

My furnace is in a small closet off the kitchen. On the floor of the closet there is a vent to that crawl space.

 There isn’t much room in there for much more than the furnace but I store some bulk foods there and use it as a broom closet.

evidence 4497

“Someone” has nibbled their way into the bag of dog food. I suspect that a mouse/mice have been crawling up through the slats in the vent.

tin snips_4502

It occurred to me that the somewhat flexible wire mesh of the waste basket could be used to cover the vent.

mesh screen_4506

I used tin snips and cut the mesh down to fit snuggly over the bottom of the vent.

After replacing the vent I haven’t seen any more evidence of rodents sharing my home.

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