Iced Tea

I’ve  been meaning to do this post for quite some time, but kept forgetting to get my thoughts down. Thanks to Carol who asked why I purchase DaVinci  syrups for being the spark I needed.

I grew up in a home where the beverage choices were, milk, lemonade, or iced tea.

My beverage of choice was usually milk. Occasionally lemonade but on the RARE occasion  I drank iced tea it was mixed half & half with lemonade.

I was introduced to Raspberry Iced tea when I was working at a Burger Joint. It was one of the choices from our soda fountain. I really enjoyed it.

When I quit that job I also quit drinking iced tea, until one day when I was eating out and inquired if they offered raspberry iced tea. The waitress answered “I can make you some”

I learned that they made their flavored teas by adding the flavored syrups used at the espresso bar.

Since that day I’ve been making my own Raspberry Iced Tea.

In recent years I’ve noticed an increase in the popularity of flavored Iced Teas.QFC Shelves_0624

The beverage isle at the grocery store has many to choose from; lemon, green, ginseng, peach, raspberry, mixed berry, and good old sweet tea, not to mention diet sweet tea.

Individual bottles of tea go for $1.99. If you buy a 12 pack you can get a bottle for 54 cents.

I can’t understand paying that much for something a simple as iced tea. The best price I’ve found on tea is $1.79/80 tea bags. I use 7 bags to make a gallon of tea (sometimes sun tea)sun tea

and 7 oz. of DaVinci’s raspberry syrup. If I’ve done my math right I get a gallon of raspberry tea for $1.25. that translates to a 12 oz. bottle ‘r serving coming to 11 cents.

I hope if any of you are purchasing premade iced tea you’ll try my frugal method.





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3 Responses to Iced Tea

  1. Carol says:

    What a savings, and a great idea. Bottled tea is outrageous. One reason I asked is I think DaVinci syrup is used by low carbers. Or I think so. I am going to try this for flavored tea.

  2. Linda Wirth says:

    I just made half gallon of peach tea using your recipe and it is great! No more buying expensive little tubes of instant tea. Will try raspberry next time. Thanks for the inspiration. How do you use the hazelnut flavored syrup? Linda Wirth

    • I’m happy to hear your enjoying your peach tea. I tried peach once but I prefer raspberry.This is the first time I purchased Hazelnut. I’m drinking it in my coffee. MMMMMmmmm

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