Thrift Report

Just before Lou’s passing ( Thank you to all who posted condolence messages for me) I spent the day thrifting and came home with some timely purchases.haul

The hanging basket will replace this one.decrepit-hanging-bskt

I harvested the knobs off the faucet to replace my broken oneold-knob

Hardware store replacement knobs are $4.90 (for a single knob) I paid $2.99.


Recent sad days have been brightened by getting the opportunity to spend an hour and a half with two collie puppies. (sorry its not a better picture I needed one hand on the camera and the other to keep puppies from getting away so this is the only shot of both of them) One of these will become a time-share dog for my sister and myself on October 25th. I can hardly wait.puppies I need a puppy gate to protect my home and furnishings until she is trained. I found this walk through style gate for just $5.99 at Goodwill. Its $36.99 on Amazon. I was dog-sitting Sophia, she volunteered to demo the gate, but wasn’t real happy about being locked in the family room.sophia-demo

I used the hat in this pattern hat-patternand some polar fleece I already had (also from a thrift store of course)to make myself a new winter hat.hat

Our weather has turned wintery and its time to put my back porch to bed for the season. This job includes scrubbing the bird poop off the deck.13-99-deck-brush This long handled scrub brush will do the trick nicely. Retail price $13.99, I paid $1.

I have no specific use for the rope but I thought it was a wise investment at $2.

Have you found any great bargains at the Thrift stores lately? Tell us about it in the comments


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4 Responses to Thrift Report

  1. Cathy says:

    Puppies look adorable! Also really like the hat you made!

  2. After we bring the puppy home on Wednesday I’ll be showing her off on the blog.
    Thankfully I don’t need to wear the hat yet, but I’ll be ready when cold weather arrives.

  3. Carol says:

    I am so glad you are blogging again. And I am so sorry about your brother. You did get some bargains. Whatever is the tiny door for on the gate? Your darling hat has inspired me.

  4. the tiny door is for people who have a cat & a dog. it lets the cat come and go but holds the dog back. I’m not a cat person so it will remain closed.

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